Monday, 4 March 2013

Just in case you haven't noticed

Some changes have been made on this site in the past two weeks, in order to make African Naturalistas more interactive, more fun, more versatile, and refreshing. Some noticeable ones are

1. Our brand header. Many thanks to Tomi, Aloted, Chioma, Nini, Berry, Miss King for giving us the privilege to use their pictures on our brand.

2. A group of naturalistas now run the site.

Yes, so since last week, different people have been posting. You now have the opportunity to be loyal to one or all African Naturalistas writers. You can always check the 'posted by' section under each post to know which naturalista is posting. We have a style expert, and other writers. If you are a natural hair carrier and lover (emphasis on lover), and want to join the African Naturalistas writing team, meaning you would be joining us in running this site, send a mail to We will be doing a formal launching and introduction of the African Naturalistas team in a few weeks.

3. We now keep our readers and followers up to date with our weekly newsletter. To receive exclusive hair updates and offers from us, sign up for the beautiful newsletter here.

4. There will still be many more changes in the nearest future, so get ready to be wowed, and keep reading and liking us.

See you guys around


  1. Congratz, the New Header is lovely.

  2. The new header is very eye-catching. Great developments all round...

  3. Wow glad to see my fellow LIBers here. My first visit and am loving this site. Am into this game ppl. Nature is best

    1. Yes o. Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see more of you.

  4. All these developments are excellent.

    1. If only you were natural, we'd have snatched you too. lol.

  5. glad to be a hair model for this site :)

    well done girl


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