High Frequency Treatment For Hair Growth

High frequency treatment for natural hair

High-frequency treatment (HFT) is a skin treatment used for different dermatological issues. It tackles skin defects like cold sores, fine lines, puffy eyes, sagging skin among others. 

Over the years, it has been incorporated into hair loss/restoration techniques for natural hair. This treatment has no side effects and can basically be used "frequently" and can be done for any length or period

In this post, you would read about;

  • High Frequency Treatment for hair growth
  • How High Frequency Treatment works
  • When to do an High Frequency Treatment 
  • Where to do an High Frequency Treatment 

What is High-Frequency Treatment For Hair Growth  

The treatment has a great impact on hair and scalp restoration tackling issues like dandruff, hair thinning, and baldness. A rake-like glass that emits light, heat, energy, and ozone is applied to the scalp worked all around the entire hair.

High Frequency Treatment Equipment

How does High-Frequency Treatment Work For Hair Growth

When infused into your natural hair care routine, the benefits are usually noticeable. It works by stimulating the follicles of the hair to allow blood flow and enhance nutrient absorption for healthier, stronger strands.  

Some of the other benefits of the treatment include;

  1. It disrupts enzymes that cause hair growth dormancy in hair follicles. 
  2. It supplies a sufficient amount of energy to skin cells
  3. It breaks up sebum build-up
  4. It removes bacteria from the scalp
  5. It increases nutrients supply to hair follicles
The effects are reduced breakage/shedding, elimination of dandruff, improved hair growth, and overall healthy hair.

When to do a High-Frequency Treatment

Usually, we recommend you do a trichoscopy by a certified trichologist to identify what type of hair or scalp issue you are dealing with. This would also determine the duration of treatments you would be receiving.

However, if you notice frequent breakage, shedding, or signs of dandruff, you might need to take the step of infusing this treatment into your routine.

Note that this treatment can be done alongside using your other hair products and treatments like deep conditioning, clay mask, and steaming.

The HFT can be done twice or thrice weekly for effective results over 3 months.

Where to do a High-Frequency Treatment For Hair Growth

Africa Naturalistas Hair Clinic offers high-frequency treatment for natural hair loss, hair growth, and restoration. You can schedule an online or physical appointment with our certified trichologist for a thorough assessment of your hair and scalp to certify that this treatment is really for you. After this, you can then go ahead to book a session for the treatment here.

Other hair loss treatments available for you include;

Have you tried the high-frequency treatment before? Let me know in the comment section below.


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