As we all know, dry weather can be extremely brutal, with little to no humidity in the air. This dryness is bound to affect every living creature causing issues like dry and chapped lips, brittle, straw-like hair which is not the go-to style for slaying. To avoid any drama, you need to protect your hair from all the damage that dry weather can cause which include frizz, dry, straw-like hair that can, of course, lead to hair breakage.

Hair loss in dry weather can be brutal which is why you need to prepare your hair and dry-proof it. Here are a few tips to help you protect your natural hair from breakage during dry weather:

  1. Reduce washing with harsh shampoos. Avoid clarifying shampoos as these can strip hair of its natural oils. You might even want to try using a co-wash in place of shampoo to reduce the drying out effect that shampoos can have on hair. Co-washing is the use of a conditioner in washing hair, this helps to retain moisture in your natural hair. The African Naturalistas Moisturizing Natural Shampoo contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals and leaves your hair feeling clean and moisturized. 

  2. Deep condition. You want to lock in as much moisture as possible in your natural hair and one way of doing this is by deep conditioning. It is advisable to increase the frequency of deep conditioning during dry weather, preferably after every wash, and if your hair is not in any protective style. Deep conditioning will strengthen your natural hair, and of course, remember to lock in moisture, preferably with heat. Have you tried the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise? It is rich in all your natural hair needs (both protein and moisture-infused) and will provide much-needed moisture to your hair.


  3. Moisturize and Seal. As a naturalista, the word “moisturize” should be a firm part of your vocabulary. During dry weather, moisturizing your hair becomes extremely important. Moisturizing your natural hair helps increase its elasticity which in turn reduces breakage. Have a spray bottle handy to spritz your hair with daily (Check out our affordable spray bottle here). Our African Naturalistas Daily Hair Mist is infused with so much goodness you’d be wondering why you haven’t been using it for ages! Or you can make your own hair mist: use only water in your spray bottle or a mixture of a leave-in conditioner and a bit of oil. You must also seal after moisturizing hair.

    Use the LCO/LOC method which stands for Liquid-Oil-Cream or Liquid-Cream-Oil where your liquid can be water or leave-in conditioner, the cream can be any butter of your choice and oil can be any from the range of carrier oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil. African Naturalistas stocks a range of top-quality carrier oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, and castor oil to help you seal in the moisture you have worked into your natural hair. Read more about the Top 5 Sealants For your Natural Hair.

  4. Make protective hairstyles. These are hairstyles that protect your hair from frequent and excess manipulation. Protective hairstyles protect the hair from the harsh weather, especially the ends which are the oldest parts of the hair. If your hair is not in a protective style, ensure to tuck the ends away and avoid them brushing against your clothes. Examples include twists, braids, and even wigs. 

  5. Use head wraps or caps made from silk or satin. This ensures that moisture is not lost due to the weather and also prevents dust and dirt particles from settling on hair which will require frequent washing. Do not forget to sleep with your satin bonnet, scarf, or pillow. The African Naturalistas Reversible Satin Bonnet is not too tight and does not press down on your edges.

  6. Stay away from heat. As much as possible, do not use blow driers or straighteners during dry weather as these will only strip your natural hair of the moisture it needs and leave your hair dry and brittle. If you must use a blow dryer, use the lowest setting.

  1. Stay hydrated. It is recommended that adults drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Water benefits not only the hair but also the skin and nails.  Also, ensure to eat foods rich in vitamins and natural oils like fruits and fresh vegetables.

There you have it. Tips to help you keep your hair healthy and moisturized all through dry weather and beyond. Did we leave out any tip that has worked for you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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