You’ve had the same hair care routine and used the same brand of products ever since forever and could not be bothered to change it. After all, that is why it is called a routine – consistency, repetition, and structure are the bedrocks of a hair care routine, asides from the products of choice. However,  it may be necessary for you to change your hair care routine from time to time. I know you’re thinking, “why fix it if it isn’t broken?” but not every regimen is a good regimen. You may have picked a regimen because it works for Sister A but it just might not be the best for you because your hair needs are different. You need a regimen built just for your hair. Let’s show you when to switch your hair care routine

and also help you drop some bad hair habits you may have picked up unknowingly over time.


You need a clean scalp for healthy hair to grow. Does your hair feel like it’s not been properly cleaned after your shampoo session? Does it look dull and lifeless? Yes? Then you probably need to change the frequency of your shampoo session. Try out bi-weekly cleansing instead of monthly, or weekly sessions instead of bi-weekly. If the hair feels dry instead, you may need to reduce the frequency of shampooing as excess cleansing can strip your natural hair of its natural oils which help to keep your hair looking healthy. You may also need to find a product that works better for your hair. For example, a cleansing or clarifying shampoo to get rid of excess product build-up.  Try the African Naturalistas Hair Repair Shampoo or Liquid Black Soap.

Are you used to only rinse out conditioners? Your hair needs more than rinse out conditioners. A proper hair care routine should include leave-in conditioners and a deep moisturizing conditioner such as the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise and the African Naturalistas Leave-In Conditioner. These would ensure that your hair stays soft and supple. Your hair’s moisture needs would also determine how often you deep condition, be it weekly or bi-weekly.

Some African Naturalistas hair care products


If your hair still looks dull and lifeless or feels hard and brittle despite reviewing your cleansing routine or products, it may be time to look beyond your shampoo sessions. Hard, brittle natural hair may indicate a lack of moisture and to fix this you would need to up your moisture game. All conditioners are not equal, some are more effective than others. The African Naturalistas Leave-In Conditioner ticks all the right boxes. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right product that is effective for your hair though. Review and update your moisturizing products and ensure to seal in all moisture.

Hard, brittle natural hair may also be caused by an overload of protein in the hair or sensitivity to protein. We are always told to include protein treatments in our hair care routine, however, protein is not for everyone. If you have recently included protein to your regimen and have noticed dry, brittle natural hair that feels like straw, then the culprit may be protein. You would need to review your regimen and increase your natural hair’s moisture treatment. 

In addition, if you have coloured hair or use heat a lot, you may need to increase your hair’s moisture needs and cut down on the heat. Artificial hair colours and heat dry out natural hair badly, so to counter this, moisturize your natural hair more than you would do normally.


One of the major signs that tell you that you need to change your hair routine is the amount of shedding and breakage you experience. In other words, hair damage. Everyone experiences hair breakage or shedding, however, if you begin to experience more breakage or shedding than is acceptable or normal (you'd definitely know when the shedding is more than normal), then you know it's time to change routines. You may want to have a look at your deep conditioning routine like we mentioned before. Or incorporate spritzing to avoid your natural hair being dry. Also, remember to avoid over-manipulation. Keep your natural hair in twists or a pineapple style before going to bed and cover with a satin bonnet or scarf. 

Finally, for any regimen to work, it requires consistency. Try to build a structure that works for you and fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle. Keep your routine as simple as you can to avoid being weighed down or getting overwhelmed. Remember to do only what works for your hair.

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