Get Through Your Natural Hair Wash Day Without Pulling Your Hair Out (no pun intended)

Remembering that your wash day is in a few days time is enough to give your “hard girl” persona the boot in the behind. You even begin to have palpitations because of what’s coming. It also doesn’t help that people keep saying wash day is always such a long and unproductive day because you can’t do anything else. You start with deep conditioning overnight, then pre-poo, then shampoo wash, the condition, then deep condition (again!), you even steam, then rinse. Don’t forget detangling which can take hours, before you style in twists or any other style your tired hands will allow you to make. 

The bottom line is: YOU ARE EXHAUSTED! It’s no wonder you feel a slight fever when you think of wash day. You must have wished, a number of times, that you could just snap your fingers and everything, including all unruly strands, will fall into place, leaving you with the perfect naturalista hair. Unfortunately, ko le werk. But we are not bearers of bad news, we are preachers of love and as such, we bring you quick and easy steps to keep you from pulling your natural hair (pun intended here) by ensuring a faster, easier, and smarter natural hair wash day routine.

Keep reading and learn how we make our natural hair wash day, fun day,

and still get the best out of it without pulling natural hair. 

  1. Don’t Do It All At Once
    Picture your wash day. It’s typically on a weekend, the same weekend you probably go shopping, do laundry, house chores, cook meals, AND wash your natural hair. Sis, we all know that the end result of this is burnout. You are a superwoman, yes, but your natural hair requires the TLC it deserves, and that includes your full attention. Trying to do it all at once means that your attention is divided, you are distracted, and you will probably leave your deep conditioner on for longer than necessary (this does more harm than good, by the way). Even though we believe you can do it all on the same day, splitting the tasks to different days will be the smarter option. Do small bits of house chores on other days of the week, for example, so that there isn’t so much to do on the weekend of your natural hair wash day.

  2. Follow a Natural Hair Regimen
    You know what they say about planning to fail? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That applies to your natural hair wash day. There’s more to taking care of your natural hair than just changing your products. Knowing what to do, why you are doing it, and when you need to do it can make all the difference in your natural hair wash day. You won’t necessarily need to do a protein treatment every wash day or carry out a tea rinse. It will also help you know when you need a trim and when your natural hair needs a proper moisture treatment. Do you see why you need to give your hair all the attention it needs? You can check out the African Naturalistas Regimen range to pick a regimen that suits you.

  3. Shampoo In Sections
    Shampooing your natural hair in sections means you will be able to take care of every part of your hair adequately without missing portions. You don’t want to complete your washing after an hour and just when you are about to condition, you discover that the middle portion is dry. That alone is enough to make you shed a tear or two. Partition your hair into about 4 sections (depending on how thick your hair is) and wash each section individually.
    P.S: your natural hair is delicate and does not require harsh chemicals to get it clean. The African Naturalistas range of products are all free of harmful chemicals and was designed specifically to give your natural hair the TLC it truly deserves. 

  4. Deep Condition and Detangle
    After shampooing and rinsing out your natural hair, while it is still in sections and dripping wet, apply your conditioner to each section. Don’t squeeze out any excess water. A conditioner, such as the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise, and water will give your hair all the slip it requires for a pain-free and tears-free detangling session. You will also discover that you record less breakage when you are done. It’s no news that detangling your natural hair is what takes all the hours out of your wash day. But with this new method, you are sure to spend less time, and conditioner, when you condition and detangle. 

Making small changes to your natural hair wash day routine can make all the difference in your wash day routine. Everyone wants a shorter wash day sequence, one that won’t have you burning out at the end of the day. So, what are the processes you have used in your wash day routine that has helped you so far? What changes will you be making now that you know the tips above? Tell us in the comment section, who knows, you may be helping someone else.

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