7 Do’s and Don’t’s for Coloring Natural Hair

If you are someone who has a bit of flair for the dramatic, you may have considered coloring your hair at least twice in your life (that’s if you haven’t done it already). But, there’s a small problem. You have heard stories of women who have dyed their natural hair before and their hair never remained the same. Their hair became damaged, dry, and brittle, prone to breakage and lacking that shine and luster they were formally known for. It can be a really sad situation especially if your hair was full and beautiful. 

You don’t want to be like them, that’s why you are reading this. You want to know what you can and can’t do to ensure that your hair doesn’t end up “un-beautiful” and you get the amazing color you desire. That’s why we are here. Below are 7 do’s and don’t’s that can help you get the hair color for your natural hair that you truly desire.


Healthy Hair is a Great Canvas

When your natural hair is healthy, it will make your new color look better and your natural hair will feel better too. Your hair will be more responsive to the changes that are happening during and after the hair coloring process. Colored natural hair requires even more TLC than normal natural hair. You have to invest time in caring for your new natural hair color to avoid unfortunate events such as your hair getting damaged, breakage, and dull hair. You want your hair to still look great after you color it. So, before you start the process of coloring your natural hair, ensure it is healthy and has a good balance of protein and moisture. To keep your hair from healthy during and after the coloring process, use color-safe products that will not strip your hair of nourishment and the color. Products that are sulfate-free, such as the African Naturalistas range, are a good place to start.

Search For Colored Natural Hair Inspiration

You really can’t trust the picture you see on the product packaging. You don’t want a terrible “Before and After” situation. There’s a multitude of information online. Search for naturalistas who have colored their hair to the color you intend to use, find someone with a similar skin tone as yourself, and picture yourself with the same. It may surprise you that you don’t really fancy that natural hair color after all. Doing this research will help you escape having hair color you don’t like or that doesn’t complement your features. You can also seek the expert advice of your hairdresser if you don’t trust what you see online.

Remember To Condition Your Now Colored Natural Hair

As a natural hair queen, you wouldn’t forget to condition your hair. As a colored natural hair queen, forgetting to condition your hair is akin to a taboo. There are two reasons why you must condition your hair after applying hair dye: conditioning it will close up your cuticles, thereby stopping the effects of the dye on your hair strands. If your cuticles remain open, the color will continue to have an effect and your hair may turn out darker than you originally intended. Conditioning your hair will keep your now colored natural hair soft and fluff. You definitely don’t want hair that hangs limp and is brittle, you want the sass that comes with having a new hair color. Use a leave-in conditioner such as the African Naturalistas Leave-in Conditioner for that soft, fluff, and amazing smelling hair.


Your natural hair is already a lover of moisture and is prone to dryness, which can in turn lead to breakage. You don't want that. Colored natural hair is more prone to dryness due to the processes involved in getting your desired color. You can use any variation of LOC to ensure your hair stays moisturized and healthy while you flaunt your new look.


Don’t Forget To Do A Sensitivity Test

It doesn’t really matter if you have colored your natural hair before or not, don’t skip out on carrying out a sensitivity test first. You may not have had allergies before, but you could have them at any time. Best to be on the safe side. 

Cut Down On The Shampoo

You don’t want to wash off all the hair dye before you’ve had a chance to really flaunt your new color. Stay safe with shampoos that clean your natural hair but still leave it feeling moisturized and supple like the African Naturalistas Shampoo

Don't Forget To Moisturize

Did we mention it before? Yes, we did and we are reminding you again because that's how important it is when it comes to colored hair. If you want your hair to survive this colored phase, you must not forget to moisturize multiple times daily.

You want to ensure that your hair stays healthy for as long as you enjoy your new natural hair color. It is recommended that you condition your new colored natural hair to help the restoration process and also, wear protective styles to give your hair a break from all that manipulation.

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