Six months Protective Style Challenge (2)

Wagwan Nappyboo! We are here again. A Happy New Month of December to you!
This post is dedicated to all aspiring models out there. In my 5+ something years of my international modeling career only until last week Thursday did I actually have braids like real legit box braids put in my hair on a set of a photoshoot for a hair campaign. I sigh a heavy sigh when I see the messages from you young-ins on my Facebook and Instagram looking at my glossy pictures wanting to be like me. And it's because you don't understand the amount of soul selling and sacrifices it takes to be a model in today's society.

And all for what? To be told that only a handful of super star models will actually have this as a career late into their 50's? Of course, they'll never follow up with you can be the one "I believe in you" statement. They always leave it hanging in the air right there in front of you, out of your reach. And it never pains me because I know who I am, so I need no validation. Thank God I came into my senses a few years into my career and big chopped my relaxed hair to go Natural.
Nevertheless, I've slowly started to highlight how bad e really bad, and I started with my #IAMGIAIA posts during the Maxim Cover Girl Competition.  (I made it all the way up to Semi-finals! For those of you who are wondering how that went). More model talk is fast approaching, so hold your wigs, cos the gist is bound to fly them off.

This post is my usual end of the year hurrah, when evils of the Fashion and beauty world go in for hibernation for their 2-3weeks end of the year holiday and our bliss to finally be able to be the kind of humans we wish to be and see in the world without having to worry that we will be reduced to begger-dom or homeless shelters because the high and mighty that write the beauty status quo will never give us a seat at the table. It is also my last ever of begging for a seat at that very same table. I'm turning 25 next year and that's also a whole other story.
I think it's safe to say I am the Queen of curly wigs when it comes to protective styling. I have it in bronze, red, curly, afro, I nearly bought a pink one the other day. Maybe next Halloween :)
Even when I protective style I never stray too far away from my African aesthetics, Wakanda forever looool

 @nappyese Protective Styles

Check out my results from my last #6MONTHSPROTECTIVESTYLE CHALLENGE

I feel like at some point I also have to give a clarifying post as to what it means to be a lazy natural. Only true Naturalistas may know. Some of you may need some schooling but its ok, we learn new things everyday. I saw a fellow black models hair being fried by a white hair stylist on Instagram today, I wrote to her and she said she didn't have a choice. I told her she does. All she needs to do is take better care of her hair and stand up for herself. I did the same and they learnt to leave my hair alone. They really have no idea what it is to be creative with our own natural beauty without any damaging patriarchal inducing standard, or maybe they do who knows. Even some of the black hair stylists on set are not any better. The trauma is so deep and relevant to our nature that most of us have forgotten what it is like to be kind to ourselves. I had to take the braids out because I had a different shoot the next day and you should have seen the way the stylist rough handled my poor aching scalp! And I felt she would do that even before she did (perhaps I attracted it? LoL) because she had already tortured me by slapping the rubber bands she used to attach the hair extensions to my scalp a few times that I had yelled ow VERY LOUDLY. I wanted to jump up outta that chair like a baboon the minute she took the last braid off but I know it would have made her feel awkward).
That's me you see, forever the empath putting other people's feelings before mine. But now enough is enough. I don't care if I get labelled a bitch or a diva ( cos that’s their next train to jump on). If that’s what I gotta be to save myself and more children after me who will be traumatized to become these numb feeling creatures then so be it.
I have more stories, but enough of my rants. I had a hair show this past weekend and it has officially marked off my #6months protective style challenge!

My braids came out so bomb, I'm so obsessed. 

Love and Nappiness

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  1. protective styling is great when done correctly! I made the mistake of leaving my hair in for 5 months last year in the same style. I blogged about it. Let us just say never ever again!


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