When two African Naturalistas meet, this is what happens

Hi ladies and gentlemen. Yaayyyy!!! Can you sense the excitement from my greeting? Last week, I, Atilola, got to meet physically with one of the African Naturalistas writers, Discovering Naturals. As you might know, African Naturalistas writers are scattered all over the world, and while we always communicate via any means technology allows us, it is always difficult for us to physically meet all at once, except for the 4 of us currently domiciled in Nigeria.

So therefore, it was a very great honour meeting our very own Kids Expert, Discovering Natural in Houston. I met her, Lil Sis and Big Sis. Kai, her kids are so well behaved, it's just kids-goals. DN and I hung out a bit in her lovely home, waited for Lil Sis to come home, before we proceeded to pick Big Sis from school. After this, we proceeded on a long road trip to drop me at home, and grabbing dinner on the way. I was so grateful for these i.e. the ride and the food, lol. I can confidently say it's been my best day in Houston since I got here (I've been holed up in the same location for the past 1 month, going nowhere, seeing no one).

The good part, amidst all the gisting and loving up with DN, we shot a Vlog. Yaaayyyyy. I've never been involved in shooting a Vlog. I only shoot TV features, interviews and the likes, so this one was so lighthearted and really short. We talked a lot about african Naturalistas. I must say, I love the naturalness of this video and the vibes. Watch it yourself and let's know what you think.

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  1. It was such a pleasure hanging out with you. I wish your stay was SO MUCH more longer. So next time, plan on adding us to your agenda. Much love from the Family and I


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