Hair Styling Options for Long and Short Term travel

So you need to travel for a couple of weeks and you probably won't have time and chance for fancy or intensive hair care practices. You might even have to move from town to town, hotels to motels, one family's house to a friend’s house. The last thing you want to be thinking about is finding the perfect black salon in your vacation location or inconveniencing your hosts with requests for the bowl and spoon you will use for your homemade protein treatment. Won't it sound awkward when you begin to explain why you need a plastic spoon and not a metal spoon to mix your bentonite clay? To top it up, you sure don't want to be staining anyone's bathroom with henna and hibiscus treatment.

So to give yourself peace of mind on your trip, you should find appropriate hairstyles that would take the burden of constant hair care off your shoulders during your vacation weeks. The only thing you should be carrying is your travel size bottles, for your moisturizers and hair spritz

So below are practical hairstyle options for your trip

1. Braids of all kinds

Whether it's kinky braids, bob braids, box braids, Senegalese braids, yarn braids, or others, braids are sure to give you peace of mind when you are on your trip. All you need to do is remember to moisturize regularly with your spritz

However if you trip will be extending into 3 months and above, you might want to consider the next 2 options

2. Faux locs

Just like braids, this affords you peace of mind. And it can even last longer than braids. So consider this option if your trip is going to last several weeks and you have to jump from place to place. Remember to wash your hair regularly when you are wearing faux locs as it's a long term style and you don't want to clog your scalp with dirt that would have gathered on your scalp for weeks and weeks

3. African threading

Similar to faux locs in looks, but definitely simpler to make and loose. This will also keep your hair for a very long time, and you won't have to deal with a rough hair look after some weeks as all the hair is safely tucked inside the wool used to bind it. You can also sass it up with several coloured wools. It works wonders but just like above, be sure to wash your hair regularly

4. Wigs on African didi

Image result for didi african naturalistas

This is my current favourite and the option I have chosen for my past 2 trips (I have also used option 1 and 3). If you don't want the burden of having extensions attached to your hair for several weeks, but you still want the look, this is the best for you. Just take the wig off when you get to where you are staying and put it back on when you are going out.

How long this will last depends on your type of hair. If your trip is a long one and you can't make your hair yourself, just wash it and ask someone in your host’s house to remake it line by line.

Do you travel a lot? How do you style and care for your hair while traveling? Which of these options work best for you? Let's hear from you on the comment section.

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