Four things to do when you lose Hair Care Motivation

Lately, I've lacked motivation to care for my hair, due to general loss of zeal, tiredness, illness, and pressure from here and there. I mean I lost everything that made me Me, internally. As for my hair, I couldn't be bothered. It might as well, not have existed. I didnt care.

I can't say I have completely gotten myself back to that zeal-filled stage, but I am no longer where I was some weeks/month's ago. I have realised that almost everyone will go through this phase, where life hits so hard that hair will be the last thing on your mind. For some, the phase might last long, for some it might be short, maybe just 2 weeks. Whatever the case is for any of us, it would most definitely come.

So since the above is the case, what do we do when we lose the motivation to care for our hair

1. Know it's just a phase

Don't beat yourself up or punish yourself mentally for not moisturising every morning, or washing your hair twice a month. It will just make you feel bad, and make your situation worse. Understand that it's just a phase, and you would be back up again, regain you hair care mojo.

2. It's just hair

So what if your hair breaks and falls off due to lack of care? So what if you suffer a little setback for one month? It's not the end of the world. It is just hair... and it will grow back. As long as you don't have any scalp of hair shaft disorder (which we advise you see the trichologist at our hair clinic for), then you will be fine in the end. Treat it like what it is... hair.

3. Scarf it up

You probably already know this. The hair is most likely not presentable anyway, and you have no energy to make it look good. Cover it up with a scarf, turban, or hat, and go about your day's business. You need the little energy left for that. Remember that a bright lipstick and pair of sunshades can complement your head gear. This way, you would have a bright countenance, and people would most probably not notice that you have been hiding your hair for a while.

4. Protective styling to the rescue

Once you suspect that this phase is not easing up anytime soon, pick yourself up, go to the salon, and put your hair in a long-term protective style, such as box braids, crochet braids, etc... something that would make sure you don't have to worry about hair styling for the next couple of weeks.

I hope that with these few points, I have been able to help someone in this situation.
What of you? Have you ever lacked motivation to care for your hair? What worked for you when you were in that situation? Please leave your answers and suggestions for others in the comment section.

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