African Naturalistas Throwback: Is Natural Hair for everyone?

African Naturalistas started as a blog 6 years ago, with just a single writer... when natural hair was not so popular in Nigeria, and so there were definitely lots of product choices out there (whether imported on Nigerian-made... when the few naturalistas that existed were mostly limited to using DIY methods to maintain their hair.

Even though today is not thursday, I want to do a throwback to the very first post written on this blog. You can find the original post here.

There are different kinds of reasons why people go natural. I will list some of the reasons why people go natural. Religious purposes, some people do not like relaxers, following the ‘Team natural’ trend, making a fashion statement, having a healthier hair and some other reasons I don’t know of. 
Whatever your reason for going natural, be sure you are prepare to see it through as lack of knowledge can lead to hair frustration. Don’t like say ‘wow, Tina’s hair is so nice and its all natural, I am going to go natural too.’ You need to know what exactly Tina does to make her natural hair look nice and be sure you can go through the same routine before you take that big step. 
The simple truth is that African Natural Hair requires more discipline and dedication to maintain. If you hear otherwise, you should doubt it seriously. The good news is that there are always ways to surmount every challenge in life, and the natural hair challenges are not any different.
Have you ever asked yourself what our core African ancestors did in the olden days when there were no relaxers? At least, we have never heard that their combs kept breaking or that they had constant headaches. It only goes to show that there were some things they did to their hair then which some of us are not aware of.
Overtime, this blog will be of immense help to African natural hair carriers, as we will be sharing tips and helping each other out.
So to answer the question asked in this topic, the answer is Natural Hair can be for everyone, but the reality is that it will never be. This is because not everyone will have the time and patience to go through with the maintenance routine that natural hair requires. For those that have determined to go through with it, I must tell you that it is a journey well worth the effort.
So what do you think? Obviously times have changed in the past 6 years. Do you think my opinion in the last paragraph is still valid? Or has the tide turned?

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