Do You Know Your Hair's Porosity? Find Out!

A couple of weeks ago, I confirmed my one of my biggest fears by checking my hair porosity levels. Already, I had seen the signs but I just needed to be sure because it seems like I have reached a growth plateau where my hair is more or less stagnated. TRANSLATION: I wasn't retaining as much length as I would have loved to because no matter what happens, hair grows.

Anyway, the most major sign of my highly porous 4A curls was my inability to retain moisture. No matter what I did, I had to moisturize at least twice a day because my hair dried out easily. We all know natural hair does not thrive without moisture and protein. So, knowing my porosity helped me face the unique issues of my hair squarely. There was no need for trials and errors anymore because I knew EXACTLY what my hair needed.

I know a lot of us are struggling with our hair one way or the other and I sincerely believe that knowing your hair's porosity is a more efficient management system than the hair typing system.

Now, the concept of hair porosity might seem a bit technical but the good people at Green Beauty Channel have simplified the entire process for us.

So, are you ready to find out your natural hair's porosity levels? Watch the following short videos.

  • What is Porosity (Natural Hair Porosity 101)

  • 3 Best Ways To Test Porosity

  • Types of products to use for your Hair Porosity.

I hope you enjoyed watching the highly educational and informative videos. I also hope that all the information will help you understand and take better care of your natural hair just as it did for me. 

Now, that you know about hair porosity, which is yours?

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