'I prefer to make my own products so as to know what I put into my hair' Mane matters with Jane

Hi Naturalistas,

Meet Jane.

Who is Jane?

My name is Jane Ekanem, I'm a model, and an entrepreneur. I make Ankara bags, shoes, accessories, zip facinitators , hair flowers and paper crafts.

What's your hair story? When and how did you decide to go natural? 
Well, I saw a friends hair picture on bbm, and I asked her if it doesn't hurt her to keep such thick hair and she said no. She then told me what she does to make it soft and I was interested because i was fed up of relaxing my hair. Anytime i relax my hair, ill have to hurriedly put it in a braid or fix a weavon so it wouldn't tangle the nest week. And if that wasn't enough,  the chemicals in d relaxer,  Will always burn my scalp each time I relax , so much so that whenever mybhair is due for relaxing, i'll be praying as if im going to war so it dosent burn me lol...when I found an alternative which will grow my hair and will also make it easier to manage I had to go for it without thinking twice. Lol

How easy was it for you to get information at the beginning given the oversaturation of content on the Internet? Was there any person that helped you through? 

It wasn't that difficult for me to get information on growing my Natural hair... ever since my friend told me about it I became obsessed with YouTube videos, pinterest, and bbm hair channels... so much so that I got lots of information on how to grow and keep a healthy hair.

Work us through your regimen. 

I usually start out with pre-poo, most times a night before I wash or few hours to my wash time. I pre-poo with a mixture of coconut oil, and olive oil..next i shampoo my hair with dudu osun(black soap) ,then I condition with V05 conditioner, after which I cover my hair with a shower cap for 30mins then I detangle my hair and wash off the conditioner. Next I deep-condition with a mixture of mayonnaise, banana,avocado pear,egg,coconut oil and olive oil, after which i cover my hair again with the shower cap and leave it for another 30mins then i detangle and wash it off. Next I dry my hair a little with a t-shirt then I do the loc method which is the liquid,oil and cream , I then twist or braid my hair depending on what I want and leave it to air-dry overnight.

What products does your natural hair swear by? 

My leave-in conditioner and coconut oil... I just cant do without them.

What's your favorite Made in Nigeria product and how do you feel about the progress we've made in recent times?

I really don't have a favourite Nigerian made product but I'm so proud of how far we've come.

How was the response from both family and friends? Did they give you a hard time coming to terms with your natural hair? 

My family was very very supportive, infact they joined me lol

Do you prefer to buy products from the store or whip yours yourself?
I prefer to make my own products so as to know what I put into my hair.
What hairstyle have you perfected over time? 
Twist out is my goto hair lol
Have you tried any hair supplements before? What do you think about them? 
I haven't tried any hair supplements.
Who is your Instagram natural hair crush? 

@Naptural85 is my favourite IG crush.
Do you watch natural hair vlogs? Who are your favorite vloggers? 

My favourite vloggers are Yolander Renee,  naptural85, thechicnatural, April Bee,and cynthykay
Have you been tempted to relax/texlax your hair? If not, what keeps you going? 

I've never been tempted to relax, because I love my curls..
Is there any particular hair experience/challenge you'd like to share with us? 

No hair challenges at the moment.
Has social media influenced any of your hair decisions? 

Social media has really influenced my hair decisions.
Protective styling or nah? What your go-to style? 

I love protective styling. When I'm not on a protective style, my go-to style is the twist out.
Do you read/follow the African Naturalistas blog? If yes, for how long? 
I do read /follow the African Naturalistas blog for some time now.

Thank for your time. How do we keep in touch with you?

You can follow me on Instagram @Jane_Eky my business page @jekys_kreationz Jane Ekanem on Facebook thank you.

Till then,


  1. i share your sentiment. There are very few products i actually trust on y hair. They alsway weigh it down since its so very thin.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni


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