4 Ways Exercise Stimulates Hair Growth

In recent times, a lot of us have embraced the fitfam life which essentially involves eating healthy and working out. This itself is not a bad thing given how black women are predisposed to several deadly diseases as a result of our lack of exercise. So, yeah we're finally getting things right.

But did you know that there are several other benefits we can get from regular exercise other than your bikini bod specifically hair growth? Well, now you know.

Generally speaking, there are five major factors that influence hair growth. They are;
  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Nutrition
  • Stress and of course,
  • Exercise.
Just as much as exercise is great for our entire wellbeing, it is important to stimulate hair growth. Here's how:
  • Exercise helps regulate the glands which produce the hormones that will stimulate the hair follicles (where grows from).
  • Exercise improves blood flow and nutrient delivery to the dermal papilla which will stimulate the hair follicles.
  • Exercise boosts your metabolism which will accelerate the rate at which your hair follicles produce hair.
  • Exercise reduce the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) which is responsible for pushing hair into the telogen phase. (the resting phase where the hair is prepared to shed)
Long story short, exercise works with other cells in the body to stimulate the hair follicles which produces hair.

If you think your hair isn't growing as fast as you want it to and you are not exercising, you might need to take it up.

Subsequently, we'll be talking more about factors that influence hair growth.

Ref: Austin, Phoenyx, If You Love It, It Will Grow. (2011)

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