'I would love to have softer hair texture, less tangles and a massive growth of my edges'Mane Matters with Funmi Kehinde

Hi Naturalistas,

Meet Funmi.

Who is  Funmi Kehinde?
I have my background in IT and Computer Science. I am project Manager at a Tech company in Lagos. I also enjoy travelling and reading. I have been natural for over 5 years, My first Big chop was in Oct 2012.

What's your hair story? When and how did you decide to go natural?
I was inspired by my sister over 5 years ago to go natural, I also didn’t like the heat from the dryer when I had relaxed hair so decided going natural would be better.

I gave myself a big chop 5 years ago and started applying natural products which my sister gave to me on my hair. I learnt many tips and hair styles from her and I also used Youtube and some other blogs to increase my knowledge on how to care for my hair. Overall it has been an interesting, tasking and rewarding journey all together.

How easy was it for you to get information at the beginning given the oversaturation of content on the Internet? Was there any person that helped you through?
Yes, my elder sisters helped out with providing tips, bloggers to follow online and they also shared loads of products for me to try out till I could determine which was best for my hair type.
I definitely have them to thank for that.

Work us through your regimen.
Usually I wash my hair with Design Essentials detangling shampoo twice a month and also use their leave in conditioner. I style into a big bun and moisturize daily with water and Onaturals leave in conditioner.

I like to use olive oil and argan oil for my edges so they grow quickly. I rock my hair usually for 2 weeks before putting on a protective style which allows my natural hair rest a bit from all the styling and tugging.

What products does your natural hair swear by?
Design Essentials so far has been a win win experience for my hair. I have tried over 10 products which faired from good to bad and ugly lol but so far my hair has stuck with Design Essentials.

What's your favorite Made in Nigeria product and how do you feel about the progress we've made in recent times?
I have tried just 2 made in Nigeria products so far. My favourite are O naturals leave in conditioner- I totally love the fragrance and also Shanyi Organics – her hair milk is great!
I am very glad to see many made in Nigeria products, am yet to try so many of them and I hope to do so soon.

How was the response from both family and friends? Did they give you a hard time coming to terms with your natural hair?
No. they didn’t, all my sisters have their hair natural so it was quite easy for me to join the bandwagon so to speak. My mum is amazed by the length and how full my hair is daily and she loves it. My friends love my hair too and many of them went natural after seeing how great my hair looked. I can see my hair inspired them to leave the creamy crack.

Do you prefer to buy products from the store or whip yours yourself?
I prefer to buy because it saves me the time of having to shop for products individually and whip them up, although I prefer to whip my deep conditioner up myself every time.

What hairstyle have you perfected over time?
The simplest ones lol!  My hair high up in a bun, twists, Side bun, leaving my hair out in a fro (my favorite)

Have you tried any hair supplements before? What do you think about them?
No, I have not. I take Vitamin E though.

Who is your Instagram natural hair crush?
I have so many. Igbocurls since you asked for one.

Do you watch natural hair vlogs? Who are your favorite vloggers?
I do but I don’t recollect their names, I usually type what I need in the search bar, watch the video, try the hair style and off I go.

Have you been tempted to relax/texlax your hair? If not, what keeps you going?
Yes I was tempted to this January relax or cut my hair. I guess I was having a down moment with my growth but I had a chat with O’naturals founder and she motivated not to.

Is there any particular hair experience/challenge you'd like to share with us?
Yes, I would love to have softer hair texture, less tangles and a massive growth of my edges.

Has social media influenced any of your hair decisions?
Hmm not really, I usually don’t buy products as I see them. I tend to try more of hair styles I love on social media. I save them and try them on my own. If I can’t make them myself I take them to the salon for extra help.

Protective styling or nah? What's your go-to style?
YES! I love protective styling. My go to style would probably be big braids but these days am more into weaves because of the convenience and the time it saves.

Do you read/follow the African Naturalistas blog? If yes, for how long?
In the past, I use to follow a lot which I can’t seem to remember now. Nowadays, I don’t follow any except IG handles such as yours, Onaturals, Igbo curls, Kemi lewis, etc

Thank for your time. How do we keep in touch with you?
My IG handle is @funmikehindeng and you can reach me via email at fumikehinde969@yahoo.com

Thank you for the opportunity to do this and your patience.

What do you guys think about Funmi's mane and hair regimen?

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  1. I think she's very pretty :)


  2. Great regimen and mane Funmi! Your method is obviously working 👌🏾


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