Redefining your motives for going natural

Hello Naturalistas,

I went to a private university owned by a worship centre and one of the rules included us not using any form of hair extension. You had no choice but to maintain your hair in it's natural state either, short, relaxed, locked or natural. Because of this rule and the fact that school had a lot of members, there were alot of people who maintained their unprocessed natural hair but the motive was flawed.

With the flawed motive it was very common to see unhealthy natural hair around school. There are different reasons why people decide to maintain their natural hair, there are the ones who out of convenience just want to keep their hair on a permanent BC and there are some who being natural is all they've known either for religious reasons or any other reason. Whatever your motive for maintaining your natural hair, here are 2 things to help you redefine your motive:

Relaxer is not your only enemy: I have watched naturalistas who wouldn't use any form of relaxer on their hair use heat to damage their hair. While you might feel that the worst thing that can happen to your hair is using a relaxer, there are alot more practices that can equally damage your hair e.g Using heat without protecting your hair properly, Tight protective style can damage your edges, lack of proper care etc.

Education is Key: To change your motive, you have to educate yourself. I have a friend whose hair was damaged by heat and just by asking questions and researching online her hair is thriving today. Put in the work, read blogs, online forums, tips and tricks, youtube videos, attend natural hair meet-up and generally whatever works for your hair. Education can and will make the difference.

You are on this natural hair journey for the long haul, why not just give it your best shot?

What's your motive for maintaining your natural hair? Do you think it's time to redefine it?


  1. My motivation for going natural was and still is to inspire others.

  2. My motivation is understanding what a blessing this crown is. I am able to help my girls and other people to cherish what He has given them. For me, it is more than hair, it is self confidence and appreciation for beauty and how God has made us.

  3. True ooo. Relaxer is not the only enemy.

  4. My motive for going natural is to grow healthy hair. My hair was in a bad place before my big chop, all my edges were gone and my hair was breaking. My hairdresser advise I go natural to regrow the hair and later decide if I want to relax my hair or not. It's been 9months now and I love my hair and the progress it has made. My edges are growing back and I'm happy.


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