DIY LOUNGE - Herbs And Spices Natural Hair!

 By now, we all have agreed that chemical based products aren't any good for our hair! Even though they allow us to manage our hair easily, they actually end up damaging our hair, giving us scalp and hair issues.
Natural products on the other hand are best to realise our long, luscious, thick and healthy hair goals and since realising this, we all have invested in natural hair products but there is this " natural awesomeness" most of us lack in our hoard! Even I am guilty of this, I do not know if its due to the lack of not knowing about it, not paying attention or if its just because you think finding them in stores can be difficult or near impossible but most of us do not care about these natural items.
 So, lets chill on talking about how awesome our natural shampoos and conditioners are and lets take a moment to explore the world of natural herbs and spices.

                     Helps in strengthening hair roots and increases hair growth.

How to use : grate  and squeeze the juice from the ginger using a cheesecloth or thin handkerchief. Use a cotton ball to dab the juice on to your scalp, leave for 30 minutes and wash out.

                    Balances PH, prevents breakage and split ends , helps hair growth and relaxes anxiety.
How to use : mix with lukewarm water and apply from scalp to tip. leave in for 30 minutes and rinse out.

                  Prevents breakage, great hair cleanser, strengthens and thickens hair, makes the hair shiner and softer.
How to use : mix with lukewarm water and apply all over your scalp. leave for 20 minutes and rinse out with clean water.

               Can act as a conditioner,strengthens and promotes hair growth and its also a good cleanser.
How to use : add 3 tbs to 1 cup of water or green tea and leave in for 2 hours, sieve and add 1 cup of water. Use as hair rinse.

               Strengthens the hair , prevents hair breakage and shedding  and is an excellent treatment for grey hair.
How to use : 

These herbs are super amazing and i know some of us that already know this do not use it cause we do not know where to get them but here is this the good news, at AFRICANNATURALISTAS we sell all these herbs and have a lot more in stock! All you have to do is visit our physical or online store and for a very reasonable price any of these herbs could be yours!

please remember to mix all herbs and spices in plastic bowls,with plastic spoons and also avoid contact with the eyes.

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  1. Good to know. One point though. I think you should have included links to the post with the address of the physical store and also a link to the online store. This would be helpful for first time visitors in the site who will probably come right to this article straight from Google.


  2. Ginger? I feel the hair will be smelling like food, lol.


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