Texlaxing: Pros & Cons

Hello Naturalistas.

How are you all doing? Kinks and all? Last week we started to talk about texlaxing and what you needed to know, today we would look at the pros and the cons

- Best of both worlds: When they say eating your cake and still having it? Well, this is one example. You have the best of both worlds, the texture, the strength that comes with natural hair and the ease that comes with having your relaxed hair. 

- Different styling options and techniques: You have more flexible styling options and easier techniques to get it done. 


- Uneven Textures: As much as you have the best of both worlds, you have to deal with the fact that you have 2 different textures and that can be abit too much when it comes to managing the 2 textures.

- Extra attention to Hair care: You might think that you have gotten away with being able to manage your hair better but with the introduction of the relaxer on your hair and also managing two textures, you would have to take extra care of your hair. There is no running away from this one is there? 

- Thinner ends: You might have thinner ends. This will depend on how the relaxer is applied and it's advisable to avoid your ends in order not to weaken it in any way. You don't necessarily have to deal with this con if you are extra careful from the point of application.

- Prone to shedding: Your hair might be prone to shedding. This will also depend on the texture of your natural hair and the health of your hair before you texlax.

It is important that you do your research will and put into consideration the health of your hair before you texlax. This is just to help you make an informed decision if you do decide to go through with it.

Let us know, Have you Considered texlaxing your hair? or Is your hair Texlaxed? What's your experience with texlaxed hair?


  1. I'm seeing a lot more cons than pros here.
    Relaxer and it's sister texturiser is nearing my Natural hair whether by mistake or in the the dream.
    I'd rather shave my head or loc it instead of an atom size of relaxer.


  2. I told myself at some point that if chemicals ever have to touch my hair it would be for textalizing. Watched a few videos on YouTube and immediately I heard about different textures and over processing sometimes, I changed my mind.

    1. Yeah, there is the danger of over processing.

  3. I was texlaxed do two years before going natural. I enjoyed every bit of it. The two textures thingy wasn't really difficult to manage cos I only touched up my new growth when I it was time to relax. My hair also didn't shed that much except when I put in a protective style for long.
    While texlaxed, a lot of times my hair was mistaken for being natural. Carried it till I was ready to go natural.

    1. great to hear from an experiential side of things.

  4. My hair is not texlaxed and I certainly wouldn't consider it. Naturals R Us lol. Mitchell

  5. I personally will never texlax due to the fact that it is still a chemical process. As a mother who prematurely texturized their child's hair and still have regrets about it, I know the damage it caused to not only her hair but her scalp and emotions. You can read about it by searching on Youtube for "DiscoveringNatural relaxed"

    1. Wow. Can imageine how painful that can be. Let me go check it out.

  6. It's a no no for me, and I will never advise my clients to go for it.


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