Happy new year, new month and new week guys! This year is really starting on an awesome note with "new"' everything and we at African naturalistas are grateful for all of our readers.
This is just a spontaneous post and  I would like you guys to tell me in the comment section your best posts from 2016, the ones that were a bit confusing, the ones that have now become staples and hair DIYs you would like to learn in the year 2017!
I would also appreciate it if you can share your hair resolutions and goals for the new year, mine is just to have healthy hair like that of our founder (Atilola)! OMG! have you seen her bridal hair?! shes my new hair crush and she has set some goals for me and I am so going to meet those goals unlike the unrealistic one I set in the previous year.  So, share yours down in the comment section and have an awesome year!



  1. Happy New Year! Hair goals. Hmm. Maybe to learn how to put my hair in protective styles myself. Since the only natural hair stylist in my city has moved away and I'm not willing to subject my hair to Nigerian market women. Get in regular trims. At least every three months. We'll see how it all goes. Mitchell

  2. Looolll. Happy New Year to you too. I want to focus more on hair care this year, and get that perfect style for me.


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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