9 Nigerian Celebrities That SLAYED Their Natural Hair In 2016

Hello, everyone.

Last year, we saw a rise of Nigerian natural haired celebrities coming into their own. Many of them started to wear their natural hair with pride. They used every opportunity they got to stunt for the 'gram. It was such an amazing thing to watch.

Well, if you haven't been paying attention at all, here are nine celebrities that slew their natural hair in 2016.

In no particular order;

  • Sika Osei

  • Omoni Oboli

  • Asa

  • Adesua Onyenokwe

  • Beverly Naya

  • Adesua Etomi

  • Mo Abudu

Wow! Too much sauce!

Who did it for you in 2016?

Who is your favorite?

Love, curls, and coils.


  1. Torn between Adesuwa and Beverly

  2. Lovely! Kate Henshaw also slayed with and in her natural hair.

  3. Happy to see that Asa made the list. I love her music.

  4. Adesua Etomi and Omoni Oboli slayed it for me

  5. I think Omoni rocked her hair in 2016 like mad. Not sure about Mo though. Those are just extensions, and she's always on weaves.


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