Stretching my Natural Hair with African Threading

Hey Naturalistas,
How is Christmas preparation going?

Have you ever tried African threading? I was reading some posts on ways to stretch natural hair without heat and came across African threading some time back. So I tried it.
My hair before threading... shrinkage

After threading

First, I washed my hair and applied Dark and lovely oil moisturizer and Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioner before proceeding to section my hair. My mum threaded my hair for me. She sectioned my hair into about 9 and wrapped the thread (I used yarn) on it. It was not tight and I wore the threaded hair for two days before I loosened it. 
I wore it out. People stared...

This was the result.
Let it fro

I was really glad with the result. I finally got to see that my hair is growing as I was actually not seeing much growth at first. 

My hair before and after stretch

Next time, I’d section my hair up to 15 to 20 sections so my hair would be better stretched.

So have you ever tried stretching your natural hair with threading? Or Would you love to try it? 

Let me know what you think 

Till then


  1. I would love to try it again.
    Used to like threading back in secondary school,cos I was natural there.

  2. Girl, you are beautiful and that hair is GROWING!!! I love and hate shrinkage. I found that my extra coily hair grows best in two strand twists. They aren't the cutest in the world but my hair loves them. Anyway, I am going to thread at some point. Right now I'm using scrunchies from top to bottom or hair ties. I did this last night. I'll let you know what it looks like. It probably won't be as good as thread though.

  3. Girl, you are beautiful and your hair is GROWING. That's always good news. I find my hair grows best in two strand twists even though they aren't the cutest in the world. I am going to try threading when I have the time. Right now I am using scrunchies to stretch my hair. Ill let you know how that works out but it probably won't be as good as hair threading.


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