Our Natural Hair Loves Water

Even though most of us  Naturalistas dread the thought of using water on our hair frequently mostly cause of shrinkage,water is still one of the best things we can use to pamper our hair! Our hair can also get thirsty (dryness) and thus can be quenched with water.
Below are some of the benefits of water for natural hair
- Drinking 6-9cups of water a day makes our hair stronger and thicker.
- Water helps our body to flush out toxins which allows for quick hair growth.
- Water also keeps our hair hydrated from the insides.
- Washing your hair with just natural and ph balanced water leaves your hair healthier and softer.

I trust you didn't know water is that important on our natural hair journey but now that you have read it here, substitute those frizzy drinks for water during this festive holiday.


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