Henna Tattoo at Modest Muslimah Beauty Lounge

The first time I heard about Modest Muslimah Lounge, it was when they called us to buy the salon sizes of African Naturalistas products. It is a place where they cater to natural hair, do beauty treatments like macinure, pedicure, etc., and of course, draw henna tattoos. From their name, you can tell that they are muslims, and cater mostly to muslims, though their services are definitely open to people of other religion.

I have always fantasised about getting henna tattoo, but never been the type to go out of my way, just for beautification. So when the time for my traditional wedding came, I knew I would definitely be getting one. I thought of going to meet one of the women who draw it at Unilag, but since I wanted a whole package, which would include manicure and pedicure, I called Modest Muslimah instead.

We negotiated and fixed an appointment. A day to the appointment, I got a call from someone, with the greeting "wassalamualaikum" I immediately said "wrong number", lol, cos I could not think of anyone that knew me, and would call me, greeting me like a muslim. The caller then went on to explain that she's from modest muslimah lounge, and wanted to confirm I would still be coming the next day. I was impressed at this.

The next day, I went to the place. I was offered drinks and water, but I wasn't hungry or thirsty. The customer service was really good, although we had some back and forth about pricing... as per alaroro bride like me.

The manicure and pedicure was quite average, but since it wasn't my real motive for going there...

As for the henna tattoo, I chose the design I liked. There were so many to choose from, that I was spoilt for choice. The henna artist replicated the design to the best of her ability. I think she got the leg design better.

At the end of the day, this is what we had

The drawing of the tattoo

The total henna look

It was definitely more exposed on the Igbo outfit
The tattoo was able to serve its purpose. But what I was told would last 2-3 weeks lasted for only 4 days, This really pained me, cos I didn't like spending such money to last just 4 days, when I know lots of people who have had more lasting henna.

So for customer service and artist creativity, I give it to Modest Muslimah. But for the fact that the tattoo cleaned off pretty fast, Noooo.

What of you? Have you gotten a henna tatto before, would you like to get? If yes, would it be just casually or for a major event like a wedding or birthday?


  1. Aww you looked beautiful in the pictures. Congratulations Atilola so happy for you.



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