Solange rocking different Natural hairstyle in new video

Solange has been on the internet wave since last week as she released her new album. She went ahead to release 2 videos one of which is "Don't touch my hair" which is simply an Ode to the ones that don't understand. 

It could be a #NappyHairDontCare anthem. I love how they incorporated different classic hairstyles into the video. 
Photo Credit: @SaintRecords, Instagram
"You know this hair is my sh*t, rode the ride, I gave it time But this here is mine"

This is my favourite of all

Watch the whole video and appreciate all the different natural hair styles and remind "them" not to touch your hair.

Which hairstyle do you love the most? 


  1. The music video is really nice. As for the song, I'm not really a fan of these kinds of songs. My best hairstyle in it is the afican threading.

  2. Oh yes,
    Natural hair is really taking over.


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