Transitioning corner: Experimenting and getting burnt

Hello Transitioners,

I have always wanted to experiment with my hair and transitioning my hair gave me an opportunity to do so. The idea behind it for me was to just try something different at this stage but when I did my research, I was discouraged because most of what I read didn't encourage me to put any chemical on my hair.

All I wanted to do what just dye my hair which I did and I got burnt. I probably didn't do enough research or just didn't do it right but my hair started breaking. I just thought since I was eventually going to trim my ends little by little, it won't hurt but it did.
Dyed hair. Can you see all that colour?

There are different things to try out on your hair while transitioning, mine was colour. I love the colour but I paid the price but I try to compensate it with my deep conditioning treatments which does my hair alot of good.

There are other ways to experiment with your hair at this stage;

- Try a different hair cut style instead of just the big chop.
- Try out protective styles.
- Try out different ways to curl your hair without heat. Flexirods, curlformers etc.
- Try out products
- Try out different hair accessories. Scarfs, turbans etc

My one and only advice for anyone trying to experiment while transitioning;

Do a lot of research.

Now, I wish I did but I am still happy with the progress of my hair in the last months and hoping to stick it out for longer.

Have you tried experimenting with your transitioning hair? What did you do and how did it go? Let's talk


  1. Who is the writer of this column, lol? Let's see her fine face o.

  2. I didn't experiment at all....just went through the normal process.


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