The African Naturalista with the good hair

 I googled "What makes natural hair beautiful" and got more results about how to make the hair longer, or what product to make it beautiful and less results about what actually makes it beautiful. I understand that we need to strive to be better, hence all the resourceful articles we have all over the internet but I think we don't celebrate natural hair as much as we should. We should be better, Yes! but we should also celebrate where we are right now!

So, This are the things that make me the african naturalista with the good hair?

The first thing for me is Versatility. The hair can be long today and short tomorrow. Straight today and curly the next. There is so much beauty in that and I love how unpredictable that makes the hair.

The second thing for me is Confidence. The hair has it's own personality and that comes with confidence. I say confidence because it defies gravity, has a mind of its own and doesn't care which is why you'd hear phrases like "I just couldn't tame it today" Lol.

The third thing from me is Texture. It's just beautiful to even know that one person can rock 2 different hair textures and seeing how that all comes together is absolutely amazing. The uniqueness of the different hair texture is also very lovely to see.

The fourth and final thing for me is Strength. Love the strength of the natural hair, I know that there are alot of factors that come into play when we're taking strength of the hair but I am saying the hair in itself.

The purpose of this article is for us to just stop for a minute and celebrate our hair and wherever we are on our healthy hair journey. Natural Hair is beautiful and I don't think we celebrate that beauty enough.

Now, tell me, What makes YOU the african naturalista with the good hair? 


  1. it's the versatility and confidence. When my hair is bangin' , i feel on top of the world!

  2. Hello there.
    For me, it's everything you mentioned. Nothing beats knowing your natural hair looks know it...& you want everyone else to know it too! I've been "crack-free" for almost three years now and I don't intend on going back to the "crack!"

  3. I love all the points you made. It would be good for naturalistas to see things in this light, and fuss about so much.


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