Natural Hair Events In September

Hello, everyone!

The natural hair industry is in full swing and there's so much going on at the moment. Two weeks ago, we promised to keep you informed on subsequent events and we're doing just that.

This month, we have three major natural hair events coming up so make sure you check them out and plan accordingly.

  • Natural Hair Rocks Presents Light Camera Hair - 3rd September.

You should register here.

  • Naturals In The City 16 - 17th September.

Check out the sparkling new website here - for the previous edition.

  • Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show - 24th September.

Get your tickets here.

There you have it! Don't forget to tag us on any upcoming events via our social media handles.

See you there?

Love, curls,and coils.


  1. I would really love to be at these events but I won't be in Lagos by then.

  2. As they say, everything happens in Lagos, lol.

    1. It's good....natural hair meet-ups have started happening in other states.

  3. I was able to attend the Lights Camera Hair meet up though it was a breeze in-breeze out cos I had another engagement.


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