How Hand in Hair Syndrome might be killing your hair

The inner surface of your fingers are not exactly smooth. In fact, the print lines in them make them more dangerous to our hair than the cotton pillowcases and other cotton surfaces we stay away from. It's already bad enough that we have to use our fingers to rub the surfaces of our hair all length long when we are doing styles like weaving and flat twists. But at least our fingers are most likely a bit oiled by then, but it's worse when we indulge in playing with our dry hair with equally dry fingers every single moment we can get our hands free.

Here are a few ways hand in hair syndrome will kick our hair growth

1. Hair breakage
This is not rocket science. Our hair strands are not as strong as we think they are. They mouth be coarse but they are potential breakage points at each twist and bend. Playing with your hair regularly will only make these breakage points give away faster

2. No edges
Playing with you ends closer to your scalp will put your edges under so much stress. Many people have thinner hair at their edges than in the middle of their hair. Playing with your edges can cause your edges to be practically non existent.

3. Traction alopecia
No edges without you realizing why you have no edges might mean you continue fiddling with the hair left. So as this continues to happen, you hair begins to feel the tension on it, causing it to recede further and further, thereby leading to traction alopecia.

4. Stunted growth
Breakage at the ends+no edges+traction alopecia = stunted growth. Stunted growth here doesn't mean your hair won't grow.  It would grow but the ends will equally break off at the same rate at which is growing. A more appropriate term for this is zero length retention

5. Hair thinning and weak/damaged ends
One reason ends might be weaker than the root is because they have undergone too much rubbing and manipulation from your fingers. The continual friction on the hair cuticles (the outer layer of the hair strands) can damage it and make it non existent, leaving your ends weak, exposed and damaged

6. Other mild or serious scalp conditions
Continually playing with your hair might cause you to introduce foreign bodies into your scalp. If the scalp surface has been previously broken, a foreign body like germs, dust, allergens, etc might lead to some irritating conditions on the scalp making you feel itch and discomfort for a period of time, something you might not get away with until you see a trichologist

I hope with these points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that hand in hair syndrome will slowly kill you your hair.

So get those fingers off


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