5 Latest Natural Hair Salons On The Block

Hello, everyone!

In recent times, there has been an uprise of natural hair salons and frankly, I'm here for it. Before now, there had only four major salons: O'Naturals, KLS Beauty Bar, Apples and Oranges and Tunmise Salon. But now, we have a few more which means we have more options.

In no particular order, here are some of the latest natural hair salons on the block:

  • YellowSisi

YellowSisi is a relatively new salon which just opened a few months ago. It is run by the very lovely Kelechi aka as YellowSisi. The salon is located in Lekki Phrase 1. YellowSisi and her daughter constantly give us hair goals in person and on social media. There's no doubt that your hair will be treated accordingly.

  • Sisi Jacobs

Sisi Jacobs Natural Hair Salon is run by our very own Tomi Ajayi Ismalia. They officially opened their doors to the public about three weeks ago. So, if you happen to be in Kaduna or its environs, pop in and you might just get a freebie. Plus their ambience looks lush!

  • Game of Fros

The uber-talented Esther Tom runs the Game of Fros Natural Hair Hub in Calabar. Esther is a self-taught stylist who pretty much has magic hands. No jokes! I want her to make my hair too!

  • Lumo Naturals

Lumo Naturals is the possibly the very first natural hair salon in Abuja so they are not exactly new.  Regardless, they need to be known. They have a regular hair club which also incorporates fun activities like aerobics and painting. You should give it a try if you live in Abuja.

  • TasalaHQ

TasalaHQ is easily my favorite salon so far. They do a mean silk press (a non-chemical way of straightening your natural hair) that would give relaxed heads a run for their money. They are obviously particular about their craft and their skills speak for themselves. A quick scroll down their Instagram page shows what they do and how they do it best. Of course, I'm going to pay them a visit soonish. Christmas maybe? Thankfully, they are located in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Which other one are we missing? 
Have you visited any of them? 
Share your experiences.

Love,curls and coils


  1. I've seen Esther's work, both on facebook and instagram and she really does have magic hands.

  2. There is one in PortHarcourt.
    Beleza Naturals salon, off Sank Abacha Road GRA. I'm not sure they have an IG page tho. They are good, handle the hair well and make really cute natural hair styles.
    My SIL also raved about Yellow Sisi PH branch ,before the move to Lag.

  3. It's great that natural hair salons are coming up more, because of the great demand. There's the risk of people who don't know how to handle natural hair calling themselves natural hair salon too. It's already happening.


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