Transitioning Corner: Hair Regimen

Hello Transitioners,

Transitioning Corner today, we would be talking regimen. I would share with you my regimen and process and ask some of my burning questions which I hope other transitioning can relate to and give me answers based on experience. 

Let's talk; 

Asides all my mini research, my room mate is also on a natural hair journey and she gives me pointers. We purchased different oils and I use them on my hair. Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil. 

Question 1: How much Oil is too much Oil? 

When I don't have a protective style on, I wash my hair once in a week. Wash with black soap and condition my hair after. If i've had a protective style, I deep condition my hair with a DIY mix which has banana, honey, egg, olive oil and mayonnaise a recipe my room mate gave me.  

Hair after a deep condition
My Spray bottle: In my spray bottle, I have water, leave-in conditioner and all my oils. I spray my roots when I don't have a protective style on to make it easier to detangle. I use a comb to detangle.

Question 2: When caring for the 2 textures, do you just concentrate on the new growth? What worked/works for you? 

What my hair looks like dry
After so much breakage.
What was/is your regimen like? How does it help with managing the 2 textures? 


  1. I just big chopped last month so I can relate. A lot of ps helped and I was always moisturizing my hair so I had a lot of growth.

    1. I agree with you Esther. When transitioning, PS helps.

    2. Please, is this PS a different lingua? What's the meaning o?

  2. I'm transitioning too. My regimen hasn't changed too much since I started. For your first question, my hair (natural & relaxed) does not like too much oil. It tends to feel greasy. Most of my products have oils in them so I find that I don't need to add anymore. For your second question, I focus more on my natural hair but I don't completely neglect the relaxed part. I look forward to more updates.

    Don't Touch the Hair

  3. I hope transitioners are really learning from this.


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