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Aloe Vera gel is a gel made from the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera gel is one of the best natural skin remedy and healer there is. It can be use to treat sunburn, acne, stretch marks, gum diseases and can even be used as a beauty product.

                  USES OF ALOE VERA GEL
_ Aloe Vera gel contains some enzymes that helps repair dead scalp cells.
_ Aloe Vera gel promotes hair growth.
_ Aloe Vera gel is rich in amino acids which helps condition and moisturize our hair.
_ Helps reduce dandruff.
_ Promotes hair growth.

              HOW TO USE  ALOE VERA GEL
Aloe vera gel if mix with one or two natural products can be used as :

- As a prepoo.
- As a deep conditioner.
- As a detangler.
- As a conditioner.
- As a shampoo.

A lot of us do not see the need to have this amazing product and we most times just walk by it in the store and even some of the big natural hair stores do not even have it on the shelf. I was guilty of this too,until I stumbled on an article on how wonderful this natural and affordable product is! So, this new month (September) is going to be all about ALOE VERA GEL and how we can use it to its full potential and i am very sure that after one whole month of being in our faces we wouldn't dare ignore or just walk by it.

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  1. Getting aloevera gel is on my to-buy list.

  2. I read about the benefits of aloe vera gel, but I've never used it on my hair.

  3. I think I have used it once to make a deep conditioner back in the days when we used to DIY. Lol

  4. Aloe Vera is really good as an ingredient, but as a lone product, it is not good for my hair, though many people swear by ut.


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