Advice for the Enthusiastic new naturalista

My younger sister has been transitioning for about a year now. Her excitement is on another level, small thing;

"Come and see my new growth" 
"You don't even know what it in my spray bottle" 
"I spray every morning" 
"I have 4c in front of my hair and 4a at the back"

and it goes on and on like that. I recently helped her purchase some products for her hair and you can tell that she just buys these things because she "heard" its good or it should be used on the hair. My sister might just be overly dramatic but I know there are more enthusiastic new naturalistas out there, here are a few things I would say to them;

- Calm down; This is definitely the first thing I would say, why? because you need to be calm to make decisions about what you want to do and how to go about it. Do I want to BC? Or Transition? What do I need to know? What products to use? Starting a Regimen? etc Making these decisions early on help you through your journey as a new naturalistas and you don't want to make emotional ones. So, be calm!

- Do your research; This one is standard. Do your research, key word being "your" You want it tailored to what will work for you! Check online blogs and forums, Attend natural hair events. Sieze through all the information and stick to what works and when in doubt, ask!

- Don't lose your enthusiasm; In the process of staying calm, don't lose your enthusiasm. You will need it for the journey ahead!

What advice would you give an enthusiastic new naturalista? Were you one? How are you keeping your enthusiasm about your natural hair?


  1. All you have just said is true.

  2. You are right. Planning on transitioning and all i have read and watched are really overwhelming. Don't know where to Star or what to start with

  3. You can't over emphasize keeping your enthusiasm because there are some days that your hair will leave you very frustrated.

  4. Leave them, let them enjoy their stage of euphoria. We all had those moments, and it makes the journey interesting.


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