Key Sources of Ceramides

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Last week I touched on the reasons why you need ceramides in your regimen. In a very brief summary, ceramides are lipids which protect and repair the cuticle. They strengthen the shaft and make your strands more resilient to breakage and damage.

Like i promised last week,  here is the breakdown of the best sources of ceramides.  As I was researching the oils with the best sources of ceramides, I stumbled on this list from Just Grow Already. Jennifer went the extra mile to even include products which are ceramide rich.  However once you have this list of oils you just have to compare them to the ingredients list of any product to determine it's ceramide content. 

Safflower oil — 78%
Grape seed oil — 73%
Poppyseed oil — 70%
Sunflower oil — 68% (as in cooking oil)
Hemp oil — 60%
Corn oil — 59%
Wheat germ oil — 55%
Cottonseed oil — 54%
Soybean oil — 51%
Walnut oil — 51%
Sesame oil — 45%
Rice bran oil — 39%
Pistachio oil — 32.7%
Peanut oil — 32%
Canola oil — 21%
Linseed oil — 15%
Olive oil — 10%
Palm oil — 10%
Macadamia oil — 2%
Coconut oil — 2%

Now it is important to note that studies have indicated that oils in  which  linoleic acid is present also have a strong indication that ceramides are there too.  The percentage indicates the amount of  linoleic acid contained in the oil. From the percentage you can gage the amount of ceramides. The higher the percentage, the more ceramides are present.

What oils are you using ?


  1. Hmm. I have coconut oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil in my oil mix.

  2. From that list, I have only used Coconut oil, grapeseed oil on my hair

  3. Ive used olive,Palm and coconut oil. I haven't even heard of some of these oils. Na wa o.

    1. You need to update ur natural hair

    2. My dear I totally agree

  4. Coconut oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil.

  5. Olive oil and coconut oil is what I have used.


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