Do You Heat Train Your Hair?

Hi Ladies. Happy Friday!

What exactly is heat training?

 This is when direct heat (blow drying/ flat ironing) is used on a regular basis to loosen the curl pattern of the hair for easier maintenance. 

With the advent of thermal straightening systems by ethnic hair care product manufacturers, this practice doesn't get much spotlight anymore.

What happens is high heat is used to stretch the hair on a regular basis- weekly or fortnightly. Then this straightened hair is maintained for as long as possible. Usually within a number of months of the process,  the hair easily  straightens out with minimal application of heat and minimal reversion when exposed to humidity. This is when you say the hair is "heat trained"  As new growth comes in, the roots are "retouched" to give them the same texture and straightness as the rest of the hair.

What makes it any different from heat damage?
Proponents for this type of natural hair maintenance still wash and dc, moisturise and seal, use heat protectant and try as much as possible to grow healthy natural hair that is simply straighter without the use of chemicals. 

One could say it is a form of heat damage because the natural curl pattern is loosened. However the curls still revert when washed, although they are no longer as tight. Another thing is that when you heat train correctly,  you don't experience the same dry, brittle, dull and  breaking hair that is so common of heat damaged hair.

We must remember that this is a method of straightening that heavily relies on the use of heat. If you have fine strands or tresses that don't take too well to the use of heat, you might want  to sit this out.

What are the advantages of heat training? 
You have the convenience of straightening your natural hair without the use of chemicals, softer and easier to detangle hair, it is perfect for the busy natural as it requires less time for styling than natural hair that is not heat trained. Lastly you can enjoy straight or curly hair at any time.

If not done correctly you WILL have curls that won't revert. So if you want to try it out watch tonnes of yt videos and get as much information as possible before you begin.

Check out this video by My Beauty Marc from her heat training days. Here she talks about how to do it and get the best results.

I think it's great to have options when it comes to exploring all that you can actually do with your natural hair , hence this post.

In closing,  have three questions for you:
1. Do you think heat training is still a relevant straightening method today?
2. Would you or do you heat train? 
3. What do you think about this method of straightening your natural hair? 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I wouldn't do it because I'm terrified of heat damage. I can't go and damage my natural hair after 10 years. If I want hair like that I'd rather just texlax.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. good point, it's easy for it to go wrong if not done properly

  2. Well.....I will say I am not ready to explore that option yet.

  3. I'm not a fan of heat on hair, neither am I a fan of straight hair, so it's probably not for me.

  4. I'm not a fan of the heat idea. I really don't want to suffer damage. I've worked too hard


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