Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 162

This life is funny. How time flies. My new born nephew of yesterday will be one year old in a few months, October. If one is not careful, life would just fly over one’s head without any consciousness.

What tangible thing can I say I have achieved since David was born???

Nothing I can really hold on to.

Yet, David is progressing in his own life, and ready to move on to the next phase.

My sister listened to me when I asked her not to cut her son’s hair off, and now he’s on a big giant fro that other mothers are envying. Unfortunately for me, my sister knows better now, and is not allowing me take credit for her son’s cuteness. Unlike three years ago, they are all natural in their house now. One can imagine my sister even giving natural hair advice to people. Who would have thought?

So I went out with my sister and nephew to a spa last weekend, while Boma stayed at home with her dad. While we were in the waiting room, some people came and stayed, while some left, which is typical of what happens in the waiting room.

Naturally, David’s hair was soon a subject of discussion amongst some of the people in the waiting room, a phenomenon which my sister and I are already used to.

They started by admiring his hair, how thick and full he is, and how it makes him look very pretty for a male.

Then they started asking my sister when he would cut the hair, and how she would celebrate the cutting of the hair. By now, my sister was confused. I don’t think she had heard of such.

“Are you not going to cut his hair after his first birthday?” One of the ladies asked.

“Ehm, I don’t know. I have never thought of that.

“I thought the reason why you have never cut his hair is because he’s not yet up to one, the age when he’s to have his hair cut.”

“Really? I didn’t know children had a time when they had to cut their hair.” My sister answered in amusement.

“Ha, are you not in this world?” Another lady said.

“It’s bad luck to cut a baby’s hair before one year old. The child will just be attracting bad omen to his/her life years after that.”

I looked at the women talking. They looked like sophisticated crème de la crème, yet I was shocked by the words coming out of their mouth.

“So you are saying if I should cut this hair off before he is one, he would not do well?”

“Yes o,” one of them said emphatically. “And he will never have hair this good again. It’s always safe for mothers to just wait till the child is one, before experimenting.

“Thanks for the advice.” My sister said.

As the women were leaving sometime later, one of the ladies said “You didn’t tell us when you would be doing his first cut. We would really love to watch the cutting ceremony.

“Cutting ceremony? You mean we would have a ceremony because he is cutting his hair for the first time?” By this time, they were already becoming too intrusive, and from my sister’s body language, they sensed she wasn’t in the mood to make new friends.

On our way home, my sister said “Anna, you have to get me clippers.”

“For what? Don’t tell me you are cutting David’s hair. We need that thing to keep growing for the next 5 years.” I protested.

“Abeg, lemme cut his hair tomorrow. I don’t want two witches that would appear at David’s first birthday, packing my son’s hair for something, in the name of attending “cutting ceremony.”

I laughed hard. What would be not see in a country like this. Wonders shall never end!


  1. Lol at cutting ceremony. Some people eh.

  2. Cutting ceremony? There is nothing I won't hear

    1. Lol. We can like to celebrate anything.

    2. We just have the party spirit and we look for the slightest opportunity to let it out

  3. hahahaha.... couldn't stop laughing...... all this misconceptions

  4. Hahaha Oh my word! Best blog post ever lol

  5. Lol,they will wear asoebi for the ceremony.when people are so superstitious.

  6. I dare anybody to try and touch my future son's hair... and that includes my husband!

    1. Lol. But your son would still have to cut his hair one day.


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