Can I Touch Your Hair?

Hi Naturalistas,

How is the week going?
So I came across a post few days ago about naturals allowing or not letting people touch their hair?

To me, I really don't mind. Infact, I'd be happy to let you touch my hair 'cause I have done it before. As far as you ask before doing so, I don't have a problem with that.

Do you let people touch your hair or is it a no-no for you? And why

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  1. it's a no no for me cus whenever it's been touched it changes d pattern of d hair packed

  2. Touch my hair keh? Even me I'm not allowed to touch too much to avoid hand in hair syndrome plus they may just ruin my style. No o except I'm in a really good mood.

  3. I don't mind but sometmes I can be self conscius if I didn't moisturize and I know my hair is dry. Asking before touching will make me warn the person, so that people don't form a misconception of my hair or natural hair in general.

  4. I get a lot of people trying to touch my hair, it is something I really don't like but I can understand why they would want to. I feel like that sometimes but always stop myself or I ask.

  5. I'm fine with it too, as long as you ask first. I'm constantly conscious about my personal space so you have to warn me first.

  6. The can touch as long as they are not rude about it, pulling and raking through rudely. I don't like having it played with, but if u ask to touch it's fine.....just not too much lol.

  7. If someone asks to touch my hair, I wouldn't mind, so far they won't mess up the style. What I won't like is if you start digging your hands into my hair without permission, especially if you are a stranger.

  8. I don't mind if they're polite about it... ask first. Don't just dig your hands in my hair before asking if you can touch it


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