DIY LOUNGE - Infused Mango Oil

Since I read about mango seed oil I have been "obsessed" with making some and bringing it here. The first thing I did after reading extensively on its benefits for natural hair, skin and human health in general was to run to my mum. My mum teaches me most of the DIYS I post on here,and about 2% Is learnt on the internet.  I asked her if there was anything she could tell me about mango seed oil and I was so surprised and sad when she said she had never heard of it. I decided to ask my sister (she's an agric extension lecturer in one of the best universities), I was relieved when she at least said she knew what I was talking about but that was quickly cut short when she started saying something about Germany and machines. I hung up and a day later, she called and she was like "Bukola, why not infuse it" and I thought it wasn't a bad idea.


_ knife
_ tray
_ jar or container.

1. Get a ripe and peel off the back.

2. Inspect and make sure it isn't diseased or soiled.

3. Slice out the flesh.

4. fill a dry and clean jar with the flesh.
 5. Slowly pour the olive oil into the jar, making sure you cover all the flesh.
6. Cover and let it age, say a month or 6 weeks.
So simple steps and little money spent, I know its not something sure, its just bukola's little experiment or practical ( like my mom would say) but I think, its worth the try  I would love you guys to go through this one month journey with me.
Get a jar, some mangoes and let's do this, who knows there might even be a give away!  *wink*

Your questions and feedback
Are highly appreciated
See you in the comment section.


  1. It seems like an ingenious idea, however I am just wondering whether the mango will ferment in the oil.

  2. I make infusions all the time.

    It's Chamomile at the moment. I've left it for over 7 weeks now.

  3. Nice one. But like Tonkabelle asked, the remnant mango flesh is likely to ferment. And I think the mango seed oil is actually from the seed inside the mango core. A way to go about it might be to wash the mango core thoroughly to remove the flesh, then sun dry or oven dry, then crack the core open to get the mango seed. The mango seed can then be further dried before infusion or used right away if dry enough.

    1. That's not an infusion! Those steps you mentioned above are for when you want to extract the oil. Which, as far as I know isn't possible if you do not have some machines(I'm still looking for a way around that though).

    2. That is an infusion, to extract the oil is a more difficult process. What you've tried here is not a good infusion as the high amount of water in the mango will make your oil rancid.

  4. *Just thinking* why not blend it before you infuse?
    I can't wait for the end result of your experiment.

  5. So in other words, the most important ingredient is patience.

    Na wa o.


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