DIY LOUNGE - Herbal infusions for natural hair.

What is an infusion?
An infusion is a drink, oil or an extraction prepared by soaking teas or herbs in liquid.
Herbs that can be used for natural hair benefits.
- Basil : acts as an anti_inflammator,strengthens and stimulates hair growth.
- Lavender : protects the scalp from lices.
- Amla : increases hair growth.
- Henna : seals moisture,makes hair thicker and fuller.
- Aloevera : moisturises and promotes hair growth.
- Green tea : restores damaged hair.
- Rosemary : prevents greying.
- Ginger roots : fights dandruff.
- Ginseng : stimulates hair growth.
- Flaxseeds : removes toxins and dead cells from the scalp.
- Burdock : strengthens and repairs damaged hair.
How to make oil infusion.
1. Harvest fresh herbs .
2. Inspect to check if the herbs aren't diseased.
3. Cut the herbs into small bits.
4. Fill a dry and sterilized jar with the chopped herbs.
5. Slowly pour olive oil into the jar.
6. Make sure the oil reaches every part of the herbs to prevent molding.
7.fill the jar to the top and let it age.

NB :do not wash the plant, if you must clean, dust off with a brush.

Who else can't wait to start making these oil infusions? I can't!

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  1. Thanks for the uses of those herbs.

  2. hw lng will i leave d herb in d oil

  3. Why can't we wash the plants, and then dry it before infusing?


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