Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 156

I’m taking the leap to apply for my US visa. Tonya has already sent me all the required documents from her end. I just pray it goes well. I’ve not had any refreshing good news in a while, so this would be a welcome development, if it clicks.

I have faith that I would get the visa. The application was a leap of faith for me, seeing that I’ve never travelled outside the country. And I have started exercising my faith by imagining what I would do when I get there.

First of all, I would visit every hair shop in the country. Yes, I know I am more DIY inclined than product junkie inclined, but I have an ulterior motive here.

From what I heard, those hair shops always have product samples at their payment tills. So my plan is to go into every hair shop, buy one cheap hair tool or accessory, and ask for a product sample at the till.

Once I have made it to about 50 stores, I would have loads of product samples, and l would have loads of accessories which I would be selling to my friends when I get back to Nigeria.

I don’t know if I am just being delusional and talking out of ignorance, but something tells me it is very feasible. Imagine having product samples that would last me for the next two years. It means I would never have to worry about how much pudding my twists would consume, and I can rest DIY without drilling any holes in my pockets. I wouldn’t have to worry about dollar price affecting my hair care routine. This is a real exercise of faith.

To be honest, apart from this, I have no idea what I would be doing when I travel (noticed I said when, not if), and Dimeji hasn’t really been helpful in that area.

My interview is sometime in the next two weeks. I need all the prayers. Maybe I would even start a fasting and prayer session for this.

Jesus, take the wheel. I must travel by fire, by force.



  1. Hehehe....This is serious.

  2. Job interview? i miss a few post and you drop this bomb on me? whatever happened to communication?. How is dimeji taking this? you do know that we love you right? are we talking long term stay here or wha? will i get my weekly dose of Anna?

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni |

    1. No, not job interview. Visa interview. You really should catch up on the series,


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