4 things to avoid when protective styling

Hello Naturalistas, 

How are you all doing? Kinks and all? After what seemed like forever, I did a protective style. I have been careful during this 'break' to also take care of my hair. Here are my tips of what to avoid when protective styling in order to keep your natural hair protected.

Avoid styles that pull your edges too tight; ...or just speak up. I did crochet braids and one of the first instructions I gave the stylist is NOT to pull my edges. Thankfully, the style doesn't require I have my edges on fleek, so I just cover it up with the part. You want to make sure that while you're protecting your hair (which is the essence of a protective style) you are not causing further damage. There is no "lay your edges" police.

Avoid totally ignoring your hair; Remember, your natural hair is not 'forgotten' its underneath and you're still going to deal with it when you take out the style. The first week I did the style, I was so happy and relieved that I didn't have to bother with my 'stressful' hair for a while, I was called back to reality when it started itching. Don't ignore your hair. Moisturise!

Avoid keeping it for too long; I've had this protective style for 2 weeks+ already looking at the calendar that it's time will soon be up and I am sad. It is so good, I am tempted to want to keep it for longer but of course I know that it's not very healthy for my natural hair.

Avoid taking down the hairstyle improperly; Don't be so much in a hurry to 'get it out' that you damage your hair. Handle the process with alot more care by finger detangling as you go along, this will help to reduce hair loss.

These are my tips, What are things you think that should be avoided when protective styling? How long do you keep a protective style?


  1. Nice one tomi. ..I follow all these when installing or taking down a protective style.

    1. Niceee!!! Got any more tips for us?

    2. Well...I try to moisturize every other day when I am on a PS.

  2. Excellent tips!


  3. Wow great information right here.. I should follow these rules religiously henceforth.

  4. I'm keeping this thread I have on for 4 weeks, come rain come sun, lol. Next week is the last week.


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