What To Do When You Hit a Length Plateau - Part 3

Hi ladies, happy Friday!

I'm back with an update on my quest to bust this length stall of armpit length. If you are new to this hair saga of mine, you can catch parts 1 and 2 here and here.

So as I had said, i'm serious about length retention and overcoming my length stall. I hope all you ladies who are with me on this have not slacked off. In case you have, fear not! Bee is here.

My previous hairstyle was senegalese twists

I kept them in for six weeks. 
Once I took them down I had my hair out for a week and then proceeded to install this new baby

 I've had it in for two weeks now, and i'm already bored *covers face*. I don't know why I get so bored with weaves. Nevertheless I will persist for two more weeks so that I will have protected my hair for four weeks in total.

What's my weaving regimen?

  • Moisturise at night with braid spray everyday. I moisturise at night as the hair will absorb the moisture better than during the day, it saves time in the mornings and as a bonus, it also prevents the weave from getting that flat and weighed down appearance from the excess liquid if I had moisturised it in the morning
  • Oil scalp two to three nights a week
  • Oil edges as often as possible. Click here to read on how to weave and protect your edges at the same time. This is most especially helpful for those who tend to lose their edges when weaving.
  • Wash every two weeks
It's that simple.

Challenges I'm facing so far
The hardest part so far has been finding time to moisturise my hair...and by that I mean being lazy to moisturise it. But I just keep thinking of my end goal  of bra strap length for this year. Plus  I bought a new moisturiser (s-curl no drip) to keep me excited about moistuising my hair and that  motivates me to moisturise.

What have you done for the month of April to overcome your length plateau? What challenges are you experiencing in keeping motivated? 


  1. I think keeping my hair in a bun for about a week showed me a great way to have a protective style without unraveling every day.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. I am also hoping to achieve BSL this year.

  3. I think I will try bunning instead of leaving it out as a puff. The tangles are crazy during wash day :'(

    1. You should try washing in twists...very helpful for me.tangle free wash day

  4. I'm trying to get back to waist length this year. But I have to trim in 2 weeks. *wails*. God help me.

    1. Awwww...so sorry dear but your hair will benefit from the trimming eventually.

    2. Please Atilola if you don't mind my asking....how long have you been natural?


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