Top 4 Things To Keep You Motivated on Your Hair Journey

Hi ladies, Happy Friday!

We all get to that point where we don't really see the point of what we are doing, spending so much time and resources on our hair. Other times it just becomes so routine and boring that there is no spark to keep us motivated. Other times we are just plain lazy.

Here are four things to do to give you that kick again.

1. Buy a new product
 You don't have to buy a whole bunch. Just buy one item which is essential to your regimen that will motivate you. I'm a sucker for leave-ins and deep conditioners. So i'm more excited about wash day or moisturising when I have something new to try out. For the product junkies out there, incorporate a buy-to-replace scheme. Once your conditioner or oil is finished, get the new one. And who doesn't love playing with a new product everyone is raving about.

My s-curl moisturiser is my latest buy and keeps me wanting to moisturise my hair

2. Set a new goal
If you have achieved your length goal, aim for the next. Currently at shoulder length? Shoot for armpit length Currently at armpit length, what's the harm in bra strap length? You can expand this to different goals such as thickness, moisture levels, reduced shedding, get the ultimate braid out! Try a new  protective style! Aim for more than just the run-of-the mill goals and you will see how much more fun this journey can become. It is also helpful to look at pictures of what you aim to achieve hair-wise. When you look at where you are and the picture of where you want to be, that constant visual serves as a reminder to keep you on the right track
@igbocurls' hair is bae!!

3. Join challenges
Challenges are the ultimate in motivation because they keep you consistent and accountable. They also tie in to point number 2 above. When you have a goal in mind, you are ready to do whatever it takes to reach it, and this breathes more motivation into your hair-life. They can be length retention challenges, hair styling challenges, health challenges. And in the end you would have stayed on the band wagon and benefited your hair at the same time!
@nae2curly gives me styling goals! Is that inspiring or is that inspiring??!

4. Keep pictures of previous length and health checks
Sometimes we just need a reminder of how far we have come. Progress can be measured in terms of thickness, lustre and shine, softness, and length. Perhaps last year your hair was dull looking, and now your hair is has a deep sheen. Look back and remember, then continue with the good work.

It's a journey ladies, a real marathon. Healthy hair is what we love because our hair is our crowning glory. Let's get back to getting that glorious mane we desire. All it takes is the vision, motivation and action on your part. You are the only thing keeping your hair from being #goals. Now go and hair-sin no more!


  1. I so love this goal is to get to BSL this year...maybe I will surpass that goal :D

  2. This is true sha. But sometimes, 2 and 4 discourages me cos I like to see quick results.

  3. Great article. When I get bored with natural hair... which is like.. Never. LOL.. here are some tips that help me.

  4. But @igbocurls hair.....woow.


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