Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 149

Yemisi’s wedding is next month. Wow, it’s almost impossible to imagine. Crazy Yemisi is settling down at last. This is a real testament to the fact that miracles happen.

True to her word, she has resisted the urge to shave any area of her head since January, something I never thought she could do. The sad part is that her hair isn’t so long enough to pull off a bridal style, so she would still have to use extensions that look like natural hair.

We have both been exploring natural hair stylist options for her big day. We considered the few natural hair salons in Lagos, and also considered independent natural hair stylists who are into home services. Most of them were pricey, but the salons were more expensive for bridal styles.

At first, we decided to use the independent stylists, but Yemisi was uncomfortable because they did not have enough portfolio showing the bridal styles they had done in the past. Though they were less expensive, they did not inspire as much confidence as the salons. They were more into cornrows, crochet braids, etc.

When we reached out to the salons and made enquiry, Yemisi literally turned to her drama queen mode. She was using the office line at work, and it was on speaker so I could hear everything that was being said

“Hi, I would like to know how much you guys make natural hair for brides.” She asked.

“When is your wedding?” The receiver returned her enquiry with a question.

“Does the date change the price?” Yemisi fired back.

I rolled my eyes. This salon doesn’t know what they’ve taken on.

“No, it doesn’t ma’am. We just want to know so we can see if we are fully booked for then.”

“It doesn’t matter. Please let me know the price first. If it is okay by me, I would tell you the date, and then you can check if you are fully booked.”

“Ok ma.”

“So what is it, how much do you do your bridal natural hair?” She asked again.

“So so so thousand naira.” The receiver said.

“FOR WHATTTT?” Yemisi screamed. “Am I marrying a Dubai prince?”

what? Alison Brie
“No ma, don’t look at it that way. It takes a lot to come up with a bridal style.” She defended.

“Ahn ahn. Is it not just roll, tuck, and pin, into beautiful puffs?” Yemisi countered.

“No ma’am. First, we will prep the hair, do the first tryout…”

And on and on went the receiver, explaining a hundred step process on how they would come up with a bridal style.

By the time she was done, all Yemisi said was “thank you” before she hanged the call.

“Wow, I’m tired o, Anna. All these for wedding hair because I am carrying natural hair? Abeg, I’m shaving all these off. I don’t have time for all these.

Now, that’s the Yemisi I know.

Gosh, what of me? Will I have to go through all these when I’m getting married?


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha " am ii marrying a dubai prince" LMAO. My goodness yemisi is a handful. i like her questioning mode though, it made the girl explain to the tiniest deets, lol. i really dont like to ask that much question when i call any natural salon for enquiries for myself or on behalf of someone.

    1. I will have to ask o...so I know how much I will be spending and what to expect.

    2. Well I understand your point but I can't be as "mean"(if that's the word) as yemisi in pricing

    3. Questions need to be asked sometimes, just so there's no room for confusion.

  2. Replies
    1. Her own too is coming...DimAnn2016

    2. Haaaa! Oh my days. DimAnn2016
      You have got no chills
      AN this wedding had better hold oo *side eye*

    3. I like how you people are playing God with Dimeji's head o. Maybe he's even having second thoughts, you don't know.

    4. He better not have second thoughts o

  3. Lol @am I marrying a dubai prince.


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