Benefits of clarified butter for natural hair

On one of the episodes of "Kim and kourtney take Miami", Kim made mention of how kourtney drinks butter every morning before breakfast! I was disgusted and surprised cause I couldn't imagine why anybody would do that to her taste buds and stomach every morning but I also thought it had to have a wealth of benefit for her to want to do that every morning. So, I decided to find out more about butter drinking!
  Turns out what she drinks is actually called "GHEE" , a kind of clarified butter popular amongst Indians, which is great for the hair( no wonder Indians have such healthy, long and lustrous hair)!

                 Hair Benefits of Ghee.
makes dry, frizzy and rough hair healthy.  
Improves hair texture.
Adds shine and makes the hair smooth.
Repairs split ends
Combats thinning and helps regrow bald patches.

NB:: Ghee is mostly use to deep condition.

Asides being great for our hair , Ghee is also good for the eyes,skin, face and lips. We will be learning how to make homemade Ghee in the next post.
And before you say Bukola has started again, TRY IT OUT..

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  1. Hehehehehehehehehe i wont say bukola has started because i know about ghee and its deep conditioning wonders its also called mashanu in the northen parts of nigeria

    1. I have heard of mashanu before o...will find our more on it.

  2. I think they have it in Northern Nigeria actually.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. I've read about the benefits of ghee for hair...i'm just worried about the smell. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. i hear it doesnt smell bad or horrible...

    2. You will just add one nice essential oil to cover up the smell that's if it actually smells bad. But if not then you are good to go.

    3. it doesnt smell bad at all..

  4. Hmmmm....Ghee, can't wait for the next post...

  5. It's in the north, but I haven't seen it before with my eyes.


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