5 Times Oreka Godis' Natural Hair Inspired Us To Celebrate Our Loved Ones

So inspiring!
Yummy twists!
The puff: saving lives one hair at a time
Such a nice cute 'fro and she knows it

Oreka Godis is one of those lowkey gorgeous media personalities with an inconspicuous natural hair. A mean, I've been following her for a while and never knew she had natural hair until a couple of months ago. Of course, she isn't like us that have dedicated posts for her natural hair which is why it was a bit of challenge to get photos. Notwithstanding, it's great to introduce her to the hall of fame of natural haired celebrities.

Oreka's hair is a 4c type. Apparently, she cut her cut to celebrate her mother's health. This, of course got me thinking. How far are we able to go to celebrate our loved ones? Can we go as far as cutting our hair? Are we resilient enough to bounce back after a major occurrence or is it just hair? 

Unlike her colleagues, Oreka is comfortable with a simple afro puff, twists or good ol'fro. She doesn't pay that much attention to her hair hence the absence of 'glam styles'. Nevertheless, it shows how simple and chic her style is and her general appearance screams just that.

This week, it's Oreka and her natural hair reminding us that we can celebrate our victories with our hair.

Love, coils and curls.

Photo Credits - @orekagodis


  1. Honestly I do not know if I would be able to cut my hair in show of solidarity for a relative. I think i would only know once im in the situation. She did a very selfless thing.

  2. You didn't know she was on natural hair??? Natural hair is all I have known her as.

  3. Could I cut my hair in show of support? Maybe. Could I color it? Temporarily.

    I like her understated beauty.

  4. I can color o...but cut my hair....nope. After all the investment.


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