What to Do When You Hit a Length Plateau

Hey ladies, happy Friday!

A similar post is already up on my blog, but I think it would serve a good cause to post here as well. Hair journeys are about sharing the highs and lows, and learning as we carry on.

As much as this journey is about healthy hair, i'm also in it to debunk the myth that African hair doesn't grow long. My ultimate length goal is midback length. From  there, i'll decide whether or not i'll take it to waist length.

Most of 2015 I played with my hair and spent it either wigging or doing a lot of styles that required manipulation. As a result I simply maintained the length I grew. I did just enough protective styling to keep me at armpit length.

Case in point see the picture below:

Safe to say I've hit a plateau.

How does one overcome a plateau? 
1. Identify what's been causing the stagnation in length
In my case more manipulation and less protective styling.

2. Correct the length retardant behaviour
I'm going back to the basics which worked for me in the past which are: protective styling with extensions for 5 to 6 weeks at a time, inversion and scalp massages. 

3. Be consistent with the corrective action plan
I'm determined because i've seen the picture evidence and I know I can do it.  I went from barely neck length to armpit length because I was commited to having great hair. 

Consistency here means I'll be planning my next protective style whilst in the current one, AND making sure I have all the resources lined up to follow through to have my hair done month by month.

So this post is for those of us who need a kick back into action to get the great hair we desire both length and health wise. Always take pictures so that you can accurately measure how it is progressing. 

Length isn't everything, but to me it is one of the important things in this journey. And hey, it's okay if it is one of your priorities too. Just ensure you are not sacrificing health for length.

So I throw the question out to you, are you on track with your length goals? 


  1. Honestly.. i need to do a length check..

  2. I swear this post was written for me cos I'm at that length plateau rn and I won't lie, I don't like it.

  3. I don't have any length goals right now, although I should, because I over-manipulate my hair waaaaaay too much!

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