How to Counteract the Side Effects of Supplements

Hey ladies! 

Last week I blogged on the after effects of supplements. Today I want to finalise this topic by going through some things that can help counteract the effects of hair, skin and nails pills.

Please note that this is an advisory post not a prescription. If any of the side effects are persistent,  seem more than just a normal reaction, or are worrying you, throw everything that i'm about to say  out of the window and go see your doctor/trichologist as soon as possible.

Once one stops taking the pills, it's not uncommon to experience shedding. You can counteract this by doing black tea rinses or increasing your intake of garlic which is known to decrease shedding and hair loss. If all else fails please see a trichologist like our own Atilola at the AN Hair Clinic. She specialises in this kind of thing and will definitely set you on the right track to a healthy head of hair.

Another unwanted side effect a number of ladies have complained about. It is highly recommended to increase your water consumption in order to ease it up.

If you are taking a single nutrient like biotin, lower your concentration to around 2000 mcg and slowly increase it over the next months, whilst upoing your water intake too. It is not advisable to go higher than 5000 mcg, which has been found to the optimal amount for growth. Although some people take  concentrations of up to 10 000mcg.
Another tip for biotin users it to take it with zinc in order to avoid breakouts. I have not personally tried this, but it is a popular solution in a lot of hair chat room threads.

The same goes for other single nutrient pills like MSM, keep the concentration low. Better safe than sorry ladies.

If these small changes do not solve your acne, please consult your doctor and perhaps see a dermatologist in order to find a workable solution.

Supplement addiction
I think this is a no-brainer. Go cold turkey on the pills and try as much as you can to garner all your nutrients from your diet. Like I said in the previous post,  the real key to length retention is healthy hair care basics and consistency. No pill or potion will replace a great routine and good hair practices for luscious hair. 

Perceived slump in growth
For this I would suggest protective styling for a bit. Hiding your hair helps. Exercising and increasing your water intake will naturally increase your growth. A much better solution if you are not fond of the pills but would still want to maintain an optimum growth rate.

What I neglected to say from the onset of these supplements posts is that you should consult your doctor before you take hair, skin and nails pills. This will ensure that you have the best possible experience with them and they won't throw your system out of balance.

Have you had any adverse experiences with hair, skin and nails pills? How did you solve them?


  1. pills *shudders* supplements or not, I just run!! literally. My doctor hates me. . .could this be a phobia? Thanks for the tips though. Will definately use them even in non side-effect related issues.

    Mvumikazi ~ Urban Mnguni ~

    1. Lol @my doctor hates me..could this be a phobia?

  2. Still not a fan of supplements.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. With all this instructions effects&counter effects, i just cant pills or supplements is No no.

  5. I think it's worth giving a try, as long as one doesn't overdose, and it doesn't have life-threatening side effects.

  6. I took perfectil for skin hair and nails, it waS ok although I Saw more effect on my nailS , it didn't break like before.

    I am planning on taking trichological woman.

  7. Interesting post.. Thanks for the info


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