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Hi Ladies,

Welcome to another edition of Hairstyle Lounge, where we document our salon experience reality show.

I'm very excited about this month's Hairstyle lounge, because I nailed it on the spot. I was supposed to go to O'naturals on a Wednesday morning because I assumed one of my meetings had been cancelled. I loosed my hair, and was gettung ready to leave when I was called that the meeting was never cancelled, and I had to be on the Island by 11.00am. On rushing to go and pick my colleague, I was called again that the meeting had been moved to 4pm. Thankfully, I had not climbed the third mainland bridge (I live very close to the beginning of the bridge). I immediately called Omozo and reestablished our appointment, on the condition that I had to be out by 2.00pm

Because of all the impromptu changes, I didn't take my medicated shampoo, so we proceeded to wash with ordinary sulphate-free shampoo for natural hair, and then we did the steaming. In the process, I was scanning through the catalogue, and then I hit jackpot.

I chose a mohawk, with a roll, tuck, and pin in the middle (y'all know I can't leave the middle hair hanging like that).

The sides of the mohawk we saw was just straight line weaving, but Omozo said we should modify by drawing patterns. And this was what we ended up with.

I went to my car, applied light make up, and looked like this to the meeting.

Looking at the pictures about a week later, when the scarves and moisture had done all their work, I knew I had hit jackpot. This style was perfect for my face. Everywhere I went, people talked about how beautiful I am (like I didn't know before, lol). By this time, I knew that come rain, come sun, I was going to redo this hairstyle.

Over three weeks later, when the style was old, but still raking in compliments, I had to be at a meeting where I could afford to have weaving that was an eyesore. I called Omozo that I needed to revamp the hair. She immediately asked me to come in cos there was space. This time, I remembered to take my medicated shampoo.

And guess what, we did the same style, with straight weaving this time.

This version had the rolls more puffy. I preffered the flatter rolls, and I knew I was going to subject the rolls to the scarf effect. Many people prefer the patterned weaving to the straight one. All that didn't matter to me, so far the rolls were flat.

I'm still wearing the second version now, though I have not taken pictures of myself when I am going out with it.

What do you guys think? We know the styles are very good for my face shape, and they are basically the same, but which version do you prefer?

Hairstyle Lounge was brought to you by O'Naturals Salon. No money exchanged hands in making this lounge a reality. To make your hair at O'Naturals, visit the salon at 54 Ogudu road, Ogudu-Ojota Lagos or book an appointment by calling 0818-802-4444 / 0815-802-4444.


  1. Very nice, I like the folds, it looks easy and can pass for casual or work look.

  2. I prefer the flatter puffs with patterned weaving...
    this hair lasted 3 weeks , wow! my hair after 1 week frizzes up and i dislike gels

    1. My hair is also very frizzy (extremely frizz), and i don't use gel too. But there's a lot of power in daily scarfing.

  3. It's a cute hairstyle. I'm not sure if it would fit my face though.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. Blessings...
    As long as you rocking it, its all good.
    Quick question - It look like straight cornrows of your natural hair, yet you called it a weave? A bit confused, I know weave to be something different all together. Am I missing something?

    1. No you are not missing anything. Here in Nigeria, we refer to cornrows as weave or weaving. The weave is also refer to as fixing in Nigeria.
      Just our way of speaking.

    2. in Nigeria we call cornrows weaving..

    3. Yes o. The process of weaving hair strands together is what creates cornrows, so we call it weaving in Nigeria.

  5. I prefer the pattern weave.
    But they both look lovely on you.
    Thumbs up.

  6. Ohhh this is my hairstyle for next week. I was actually planning to have the puffs look puffier than yours in the second one.

  7. Very nice. I prefer the patterned weaving and smaller rolls.


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