Detangling Natural hair: The big question

When I decided to cut my relaxed hair, I had no clue of the "Natural Hair Community" I can't really remember what made me understand the dynamics of "Natural hair". I honestly just used to think a certain church's doctrine was the reason people went through that much pain dealing with their hair, please, pardon my ignorance. I was sold a misconception.

After I started this journey to healthy hair and getting 'sucked into' the community, there were sooo many things I clearly didn't know and having a "It's not that serious" mentality, I shoved most of them to the corner of the shelf.

When my hair started growing to BSL I had to bring out some of these things from the shelf and one of it is DETANGLING. Unlike moisturising, there are other major things that most naturalistas can't simply agree on. There are some of the school of thought that Finger detangling is just not for you and there are others that say fine toothed combs and brushes were not made for your hair type.

Different naturalistas have various reasons why they finger detangle or comb detangle and can't seem to agree on the topic. It's easy to say do what works best for you, but what if I don't know what is best for me? I am in the middle for now, want to hear your thoughts.

What detangling method do you use and why? Why are you against the other? Is it really not that serious? Or should we take it seriously? 

Biko, Let's talk!


  1. Ah.. This one I must comment.
    Hmm detangling wanted to finish me mentally, emotionally be like say spiritually join at some point..
    Like you too I packed detangling in one corner like that until my hair reach armpit length... I tried finger detangling (e no work, my arms don't tell the story very well), I tried demann brush na, felt good but my hair was changing position from my head to the brush and the floor, I tried wide tooth comb ( i was just hearing snap snap snap from breaking, split ends were on the increase).. Guess what I don't try to detangle the hair dry always conditioner soaked o.. Still e no work...
    My solution after all the suffering and frustration was to cut it off.
    And I'm going to be on twa for a long time...

    But sha if anyone has any advice please on this topic my ears are as big as an elephant's on this matter.
    I'm begging.

    1. Wait wait.. You got to BSL and cut back to TWA.. O my days.
      I really feel you on the " your hands can't tell the story " I sweat when detangling my hair. Handling my hair is arm workout.

    2. My dear e tis not a small tin o

    3. I am just like you o my dear.

    4. I was having the same problems with breakage and difficulty detangling until I changed my conditioner. The one I had been using had the formula changed and it took me forever to notice. Many time we say it is technique that is important, but the products can make a big difference too.

    5. Very true @idiotdrool.. some of our staple products change ingredients and our hair revolts

  2. blessings.....
    first off i never come out of the shower and let my hair air dry that is a no no and just cause for the brutalization of my hair and scalp. I detangle in during the conditioning process. After I rinse in the shower using a large teeth comb under the water and braid it in immediately into about 6 or 8 plaits. Once dry (air dry) I open each plait (one at a time)and moisturize each one + scalp, massage and braid back then wrap it to let the moisturizing take. This way when I am ready to style my hair it is soft and manageable. I don't do tug and pull.

  3. Please I need advice on faster detangling time...
    Biko share your methods. Let me start planning for when I'll grow out my hair again.

  4. When taking down my protective style I spray each section with water, oil and conditional and proceed to gently detangle with a comb. Then I put the hair in 4 or 5 big twist or braid.
    I also wash and condition my hair in sections to avoid tangles.

  5. Cutting one's hair is not a solution to the detangling issue. *Just saying*


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