4 Tutorials That Will Step Up Your Turban Game

Hello everyone!

Bad hair days are inevitable. It's not something you can run away from. There are times when our natural hair just decides to be unruly and generally uncooperative. No matter how much we try to bend it to our rules, it doesn't seem to bulge.

Enter turbans.

There are these life-changing headwraps that save us from ourselves. They have the ability to stand in the gap for our bad hair days as well as adding a bit of style. If you're anything like me and your turban game is not a 100%, these tutorials might just be for you. Anytime, you can't figure out what to do to your hair. just reach out for it. Plus, there are short and simple.

1. This classic one from Sisi Yemmie

2. This other one form estareLIVE which is a 3-in-1.

3. Want to leave some hair out? No problem, Nikkimae's gat you!

4. And five more styles from The WrapLife 

Alright ladies, go forth and shine!

Which are your favourites?

Love, coils and curls.


  1. Good stuff, and interesting styles.

  2. i would definitely try nikkimaes style/method. Please why is her twist out so lush..
    Sisiyemmie's method is so easy and simple i like.
    EstareLive why would you make me watch you scream in a concert, lol.. her tuts is okay. The Wraplife has got good turban game..
    My fav is Nikkimaes style/method

  3. Sisi yemmie's has saved me many times. Phewww.

  4. I can't even try - my family already calls me India Arie on occasion.

  5. My faves are estareLive and NickiMae

  6. I love head gears.
    They are a live saver.
    Am looking to stepping up my wrap game with this tutorials.

  7. I like the one where you leave your hair out, but would like it to be left out as a pompadour.

  8. Turbans are just awesome. Nikkimae's tops it for me.


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